How to Drive a Golfcart in Sons of the Forest

Just like Tiger Woods

How to Drive a Golfcart in Sons of the Forest

The recently released Update 07 for Sons of the Forest added several new and interesting things to the popular Early Access game. In this biggest patch so far, a lot of new stuff has been introduced – in addition to the requested support for dedicated servers, there is also a completely new boss, new weapons, and even driveable Golf Carts.

If you’ve ever wanted to play a game of golf while trapped on an island full of creepy mutants – now it’s your time! Let’s find out where to find Golf Carts in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Golfcart in Sons of the Forest

Brand-new golf courses can be found in the upper right corner of the map, and amazingly enough – they are fully functional.

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Golf Carts will 100% spawn there; just look for one near each of the holes with the red flag. When you find the Golf Cart, simply get near it and press and hold “E” on the keyboard in order to drive it. Maneuver it with the default walking controls and hit the space for the brakes. To exit Golf Cart at any time, press the “G” key.

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Although the Golf Cart does not have a high top speed, it will still be enough to escape from a nasty situation as it can outrun most mutants. The Golf Cart uses batteries as a fuel source, and with a fully charged one you will be able to cover solid distances – however, watch out when you are going over more demanding terrain because this is not an off-road vehicle and you might get stuck.

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Also, if you want to play a game of golf, look for the Golf Balls in sand trap zones on the field, and the Golf Club (Putter) can be found near the Golf Cart. Pick them up and be just like Tiger Woods! Only instead of an angry ex-wife, watch out for angry mutants that can interfere with your game! Have fun.

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