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How to Get the Action Cam in Sons of the Forest

Can you attach it on yourself while using a Hang Glider?

by Nikola L

Sons of the Forest Patch 04 has not brought much to the game. However, there’s the “Action Cam” that you can now find in the wild. We won’t reveal the exact purpose of it to keep the experience of this guide spoiler-free, but Prima Games will, as always, help guide you to the finish line for obtaining the Action Cam in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find the Action Cam in Sons of the Forest? – Patch 04 Update

Action Cam is a tiny item, so you might miss it, even if you already were on the site where it can be located (if you cleared the story then you definitely were there). So, let’s begin with some screenshots and pointers and have you on your way as soon as possible.

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The Action Cam is located in a cave in the southeast part of the map, located east of the lake, which you are perhaps familiar with by now. Hopefully, the snow doesn’t distract you too much, as it’s not a very common weather setting in the game. At any rate, refer to the handheld minimap.

Screenshot by Prima Games

When you enter this cave, keep moving forward as usual. At some point, you will reach the part where this SCENE IMPORTANT FOR THE STORY happens, and after you finish the [redacted] you can keep moving. At some point, you will wind up in the surgery rooms, where dead cultists are lying on the surgery tables. Cultists are characteristically recognized by their white/gray robes. Behind them, you will see glowing white panels, and in the very corner of the surgery room, you will see a radio, and in front of the radio, the action cam of your desires.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Here’s a closer look, just in case:

Screenshot by Prima Games

What happens next is up to you to figure out. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

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