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How to Complete the M-002 Puzzle in Sonic Frontiers

I have an Uncanny Valley response every time I type "Cyloop"

by Lucas White

Sonic Frontiers is part open-world adventure, part forward-scrolling arcade bash, and part puzzle game. Instead of climbing towers like everyone else in open-world adventures, Sonic solves various puzzles for his open-zone cartography. The first puzzle was just a “step on three buttons” gimmick, which hardly needs explanation. But we’ll go ahead and do guides for the rest.

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The M-002 puzzle is the second map puzzle in Sonic Frontiers and the first to not outright hand you the solution. Although to be fair, it stops just short of doing so. Right before you encounter this puzzle you’re introduced to the game’s skill system, including how to earn Skill Points in Sonic Frontiers and what to do with them. The first thing you do is unlock Cyloop, a critical skill for both combat and exploration.

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So yeah, solving this map puzzle involves using Cyloop. A real shocker, but hey, the tutorial doesn’t exactly spell out for you what kind of puzzles the Cyloop is for. There’s nothing fancy here though; just create a loop around the devices and you’re good to go. You don’t have to touch them, or connect them, or anything like that. One loop is all you need to fill out that section of the map and move on with your journey.

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