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How to Breed Polar Bears in Minecraft

They should really allow us to ride these into battle… or raids

by Jordan Lemons

Honestly, in light of the Panda update, I sometimes forget that there are other bears present in Minecraft as well. But there is indeed another bear that is in Minecraft, namely the Polar Bear, often found in the Tundra or Snowy Biomes. These mobs are considered Neutral to the player and thus will not attack unless they are prompted by which if you pulled a sword and swung at them, the bear would claim self-defense in your murder. And since Minecraft is full of adorable creatures, then surely we are able to tame and breed these beautiful fluffy beings, right? Right?

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How to Tame Polar Bears in Minecraft

You can’t.

How to Breed Polar Bears in Minecraft

You can’t.

No, really. I’ve tried. I got all kinds of delicious fish for them to eat, both raw and cooked to see maybe they have some stomach issues and need something warmer. But no, the Polar Bear will not eat anything that you offer them whether it is in your hand or dropped on the ground in front of you. I don’t care what the other guides have told you, they are lying or haven’t been updated in some time. Maybe at one point, during some glitch, we were able to feed and tame Polar Bears, but that is not present as of Minecraft 1.9.2. 

So you can’t really Tame or Breed Polar Bears, but you can still keep them as pets or as a protected species in a Minecraft Zoo. The best areas to try and find them, I found, have been the Ice Plains, since those will usually tend to generate a good space for them to spawn. They can usually do so in one or threes and, occasionally, a Polar Bear will have a cub. However, you cannot speed up the process of the baby’s growth, so at least you’ll have a diverse little representation of your Polar Bears in their exhibit.

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