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How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft

Best Mob. Hands Down. No Room for Debate.

by Jordan Lemons

Do Pandas have any significance in Minecraft? No. Do they drop anything valuable? I do not think that they drop anything at all. Are they the most important mob to have ever graced this game in the last decade? Though it may be the opinion of one adoring journalist, yes, I would have to say so. Let’s figure out where to find these adorable little creatures and boost their population so we never have to worry about them being possibly endangered ever again. Here is how to find and breed Pandas in Minecraft!

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Where to Find Pandas in Minecraft

“Oh my god, they are so cute. I’m going to cry.” Screenshot by Prima

Cute as they be, Pandas can be awfully tricky to find. Given their climate requirements, there are only a few select places they can end up. One, mainly. Yes, although Minecraft may be a game, it sticks to a lot of real-world facts. One of which is that pandas prefer to be around their main food source of bamboo as they are known to be notoriously lazy and prefer to eat and sleep throughout the day. 

In Minecraft, that is exactly where you will find them, Bamboo fields. Bamboo fields can only be found in Jungle areas and near Acacia and Desert biomes. Bamboo fields can be difficult to find but as long as you stick to the Jungle, you will be sure to come across them. Though even if you do find Bamboo Fields, it may take some time, or you may need to find a much larger field of Bamboo before a Panda might spawn. 

Leave it to Pandas to make finding them as difficult as seeking a needle in a haystack. Stick them in one of the rarer biomes with a rarer chance of even spawning. I am trying to save your population, dang it. At least make it easy for me to find you. 

How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft

Onto the repopulation program, since Bamboo is the only thing that Pandas love to eat, so much that they will only remain in the vicinity of their food source, it is Bamboo that is required to breed Pandas. After knocking down some Bamboo, using the Right Click or your Use button in Minecraft, will allow you to feed Pandas. This will activate hearts that emit from their heads, and if you feed Bamboo to two Pandas then they will get together to produce a small and loveable Baby Panda. You can actually feed Pandas one of two ways, by dropping Bamboo in front of them to allow them to eat or by using the Use option when offering Bamboo.

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There are also different types of Pandas, though if you were to Breed two Pandas, the resulting Baby would resemble one of the Parents. So, to collect all of the different types of Pandas that exist, you will need to seek them out in the Bamboo Jungle Fields! The types of Pandas to look out for are the normal Panda with no visible differences, the Sick Panda which is noted by the mucus coming from its snout, the Tearful Panda which has big doe eyes, and the Grouchy Panda which has a stern elderly appearance. The last of these variants is the rare Brown Panda with a coat of Brown and White spots. This beautiful boy is the rarest of the Pandas, but at least it does not come with its own types of variants as it will always have the standard appearance. Making it much easier to create a lovely Bamboo landscape for all your Pandas of both variants and personalities.

Jordan Lemons

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