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How to Become a Musician in BitLife

If you wanna be a singer or play guitar, man, you gotta sweat or you won't get far.

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Become a Musician in BitLife

In the popular life simulator BitLife, you can be almost anything you want. Like in real life, many dream of becoming rock stars, famous musicians, and being rich thanks to a music career. Of course, this is not easy to achieve in real life, and BitLife is no exception either, so for detailed steps on how to become a musician in BitLife, check out the guide below.

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How to Become a Musician in BitLife

To become a Musician in BitLife, it is necessary to start quite early and follow the next steps:

  1. As soon as your character turns six, start learning music-related things and sign up for Instrument or Vocal classes (under the Mind & Body section of the Activities tab).
  2. Before selecting to age up, be sure that you have rotated both classes for Vocals or for any Instrument at least twice.
  3. Using Social Media is useful too, even from a young age, to get early fans and exposure.
  4. Keep practicing your music-related skills until the end of high school.
  5. When your character reaches 18 years of age and graduates from high school, try looking for Musician under the Job selection tab. Try to find any career with a Musician tag next to it as you can be a solo act or play an instrument in a band.

And that’s the development path to a potential entry into the music industry in BitLife. Of course, if you want to become really successful and well-paid, you’ll need to change jobs for a better one, and if you didn’t succeed, better luck in your next BitLife!

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