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How to Make Your Ex Divorce Their Spouse in BitLife

So many questions with, surprisingly, so many answers.

by Madison Benson
BitLife How to Get Your Ex to Divorce Their Spouse

Let’s be honest for a minute. When it comes to BitLife, there are a few reasons why you may decide to try this. You may have recently discovered that your ex has a lot of money. Perhaps you don’t like your current partner and want to get back with your ex. Maybe you’re trying to complete a weekly challenge. Whatever the reason, this is a judge-free zone, and I’m just here to help you accomplish it. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find out how to make your ex divorce their spouse in BitLife.

How to Make Your Ex Divorce Their Spouse in BitLife

Before you can get an ex in BitLife, you’ll need to begin dating! You can start as early as your teens. To date someone, either head to places such as the gym and wait for romance pop-ups to appear or head to the Love tab and go on dates. The more people you have relationships with, the more exes you can pick from. If you want to avoid some hassle, try not to marry any of them unless you have to.

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Once you have a bunch of exes to choose from, age up a few times until one of them gets married. If your character is young, you’ll likely have to wait until you’re at least in your early twenties, if not later. Check each ex every year by heading into your relationships, tapping Exes, and selecting the person. When you tap their name, you’ll find their Marital Status, among other details. Once you find someone who is married, get ready to activate your charisma.

More specifically, start calling and giving gifts to your ex! If your relationship bar is low, you’ll want to start by giving them gifts until it turns green. As a pro tip, wait until you find Bitizenship in the list and give it to them. While it doesn’t max out the bar, it’ll always raise it slightly.

Once the bar is maxed out, call the person and attempt to rekindle the relationship. They’ll tell you they’re married and can’t get back together with you. From here, you can convince them to divorce their partner. If all goes well, they’ll leave their partner to get back together with you. If it doesn’t, you can try it with someone else or give it a few more years of talking and gifting before attempting it again.

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