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How to Get into Business School in BitLife

Get that paper.

by Jesse Vitelli

BitLife, the life-simulation game available on mobile, will let you live out the wildest part of life. Sometimes you’ll be super successful, while other times, you’ll live out your worst fear.s Every new run is a gamble. If you’re looking to get that top CEO position, you’ll need to go to business school. Here’s how to get into Business School in BitLife.

How to Get into Business School in BitLife

If you’re trying to get into Business School in BitLife, you’ll need to do a few different things. First, you’ll need to continue to hit the green age button in the center of the screen until you turn 16. From there, you’ll be able to enter University. Now go to school for something related to the field you’re trying to get into—mathematics, accounting, etc.

Once you complete and graduate from University, you’ll then have the option to look for a job, take a break, or seek higher education.

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Click on seek higher education and select Business School from the list of options you’ll be given. If you’ve picked a discipline that matches up with Business School, you’ll be allowed entry and be able to complete your next level of education. From here, you’ll be able to do plenty and get a high-paying job.

Business School will help you climb the corporate ladder and get that top CEO spot.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get into Business School in BitLife. We have plenty of other tips and tricks for succeeding in BitLife. Have you tried to complete the “It’s All Yours” achievement? Or maybe you’ll be looking into how to run a successful business in BitLife. Be sure to check out all of the excellent and helpful guides we have.

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