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How to Get a Corporate Job in BitLife

Time to grind.

by Jesse Vitelli

BitLife is a mobile life simulator where you can do whatever you want. It’s true; I hit a button three times and instantly received Chicken Pox, Depression, and then my car broke down. It’s a magical game that can be worse than real life. Anyway, while you’re fighting through all of it, you can also get a job and have a family. Here’s how to get a corporate job in BitLife.

How to Get a Corporate Job in BitLife

So once you’ve started a new life, you’ll need to hit the age button to grow up. After all, this isn’t Boss Baby; no child will get a corporate job. Once you’ve graduated High School, go to University and click the option to seek higher education. Now choose to go to Business School.

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This will give you the best chance of landing a corporate job once you are out of school. Continue to hit the age button, and you’ll be prompted to look for a job. From the selection, look for any job with the (corporate) tag on the right. You’ll likely need to take a lower-paying job at first because a fresh graduate isn’t going to get a top-dollar job.

Many of these jobs will ask you to work overtime; if you don’t, they will fire you. So it’s essential to keep that in mind when taking a corporate job in BitLife. You’re going to take a pretty big hit to your happiness. It’s not a mindset, it’s a grindset, baby.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get a corporate job in BitLife. Be sure to check out our other useful and handy guides on the game. Do you need to get rid of Genital Herpes? Or maybe you want to know how to become a Monk.

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