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How to Complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife

Romance is in the air... or is it?

by Madison Benson
BitLife Snake in the Grass Challenge

With the Challenge Vault recently unveiled in BitLife, we’re swept away by the excitement of finishing over 100 past challenges! The most recent, Snake in the Grass, starts on October 8, 2022, and ends once the vault closes. This time, you’ll become a marriage counselor who makes an ex divorce their spouse. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife

Below are the four tasks you must complete to finish the Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a male
  • Become a marriage counselor
  • Make an ex divorce their spouse
  • Seduce a married coworker

To begin, create a new male character in the country of your choice. Age up and keep your stats high until you graduate high school. Enter university and select Psychology as your major. While you’re not required to have a psychology degree to become a marriage counselor, it’ll help you narrow your choices.

After graduating university, head into the full-time job category under Occupation and scroll down until you see Marriage Counselor. If you can’t find it, close and reopen the BitLife app. Once you find the job, apply for it and complete the interview to become a marriage counselor.

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As a marriage counselor, you’ll find a new tab under Occupation that shows you your job. Select it and head into coworkers. Choose someone who is married and begin raising your relationship by complimenting and talking to them. After you max out their relationship bar, you can befriend them and attempt to hook up with them. If they accept, you’ll complete another task of the challenge. Just be careful since they may report you to HR, potentially losing your job.

Lastly, you have to date someone, break up with them then wait until they marry someone. The more exes you have, the higher your chances of finding someone that gets married in the future. When you find someone, give them gifts and talk to them to raise your relationship bar again. Once it’s maxed, call the person and try to rekindle your relationship. There’s a chance they’ll say yes, resulting in them divorcing their spouse.

After finishing all four tasks, you’ll complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge in BitLife!

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Become a Famous Singer and How to Become a Chemical Engineer in BitLife.