How to Get Rich in BitLife

Secure the bag.

BitLife allows players to live out different fantasies or simply roll the dice and try to see the curveballs this simulated life will throw. Every time you attempt a new run, it will be different, as, with life, it’s unpredictable. However, if you’re trying to get rich in BitLife, we have some tips and tricks for you to make it a bit easier.

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How to Get Rich in BitLife

In BitLife, an easy way to get rich quickly is to have a high-paying profession. As you age, you can choose to go to University, study to become a doctor, or join a business school to become a wealthy CEO. This will take a while, and you might not become rich until much later in your life, but you have to put in the hours and hard work to show the fruits of your labor in this capitalist society.

You can always try and make it as an actor or musician as well. This is much more of a gamble but can pay out big time if the gambit works out.

If one or both of your parents die in BitLife, they might leave you a sizeable inheritance that can boost your savings. It’s sad to think about, but in this random way, the game can throw a ton of money your way. It isn’t consistent or fun to think about, but hey, it can make you rich, and we are here to talk about that.

Finally, if you join the mafia, you can commit many different crimes to earn a quick buck. You can even rob a train to score millions of dollars. BitLife is full of weird and wild little simulations like this. So roll the dice, rob a train, and secure that bag.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to become rich in BitLife. Be sure to check out all of our helpful guides like how to run a successful business, how to get into business school, and more.

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