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How to Become a Famous Actor in BitLife

"Everybody comes to Hollywood, they wanna make it in the neighbourhood"

by Nikola L
BitLife Employee Morale

BitLife is the type of life simulator that allows you to do almost anything imaginable in your run, and every time you start a new game, you can do something completely different – there are many different choices that you can make over the course of your character’s lifetime, including career paths. If you want to become a famous actor in BitLife, here’s how to do so and enjoy the glamour that goes with it.

Becoming a Famous Actor in BitLife

Naturally, one of the stats that you need to max in order to become a famous actor (or actress) is, of course, you have guessed it: your Looks. Try to keep them as close to 100 as you possibly can!

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From the age of 8, you’ll find “Acting Lessons” under the Mind & Body tab of your Activities menu. Take as many of these as you can as you really want hone your character’s craft.

You need to graduate from high school successfully, and after that, you need to land a job as a voiceover actor. The aim is to perform your voice actor job well, and, of course, to further your skill so you can get a promotion.

When the time comes (depending on your success, it can be in five years, 10 years, or anything in between), you can attempt to get promoted to a regular actor.

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It is also important to work on your social media presence and post videos that will announce your presence to the world and help you gain popularity.

After a minimum of five years (again), you can attempt to get promoted into a Lead Actor, and then a Movie Star, where things get REALLY interesting. You’ll be a guest on podcasts, and talk shows, and you will get invited to do commercials, promotional activities with magazines, and more.