How to Get 100% Looks in BitLife

Can one achieve apex beauty in Bitlife easily?

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BitLife can really be rough when you first create your character. You may or may not like the stats that you are dealt, you may try to reroll your way closer to 100% Looks, or you might take the grinding route and try to boost it to 100% through in-game means. Prima Games has you covered if you wish to grind your way to the apex beauty level of 100% Looks in BitLife. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Reach 100% Looks in BitLife

The first thing we must state is that Looks are pretty difficult to increase, so you ought to roll a character with decent Looks so that there is less work needed to be done to reach the end goal. An important thing to note here is that not all of the activities that increase your Looks are available immediately, so you should spend your time investing in your Smarts when you are very young so that you can later land a great job that can actually fund your 100% Looks campaign in BitLife, because some of the activities (such as plastic surgeries) are very pricy.

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You need to start going to the Gym as early as you can, and at least once each year. That may or may not increase your Looks by up to 4% (depending on the RNG factor) and is mostly a safe and stable way to increase your Looks slowly over time.

You should also try visiting a beauty salon and spa centers, barbers (if your character is male), etc.

Plastic surgeries are another way to raise your Looks towards the end goal of 100%. A lot of different procedures are offered to you but bear in mind that some of these may go south at random, which leaves your chances to have 100% Looks permanently ruined and leaves you with no other choice but to reroll the character and start over.

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We wish you good luck in attaining this goal and invite you to look through our other BitLife articles at the clickable game tag below.

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