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How to Become a Doctor in BitLife

Is there a Doctor in the house?

by Nikola L
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BitLife has many noble careers to choose from when leveling your imaginary character. Becoming a Doctor is one of them, and the task is kinda difficult, requiring a lot of commitment, a lot of studying, and being a bookworm (forget clubbing, you are hanging out in the library from now on!). Prima Games has prepared a short guide to help you become a Doctor in BitLife. Let’s go.

How to Be a Doctor in BitLife

One does not simply walk into the shoes and gloves of a surgeon – you need to go a long way before you get a job as a Doctor. Of course, you need to roll a character with decent Smarts so that you do not need to waste (much) time in the Library. Ideally, max out the stat. As for the education you need, you should, of course, graduate from High School first.

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You’re gonna be hitting the books again, as your destination is University. Keep in mind that you might need to do some side hustling, borrow money, or get lucky on a lottery to fund your tuition(s) unless you are the best of the best to earn a scholarship.

You must major in either Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology. If none are available, restart the application so that the RNGesus shuffles your choices, until you get one of these.

Once you’re done with the University, your next stop is Medical School. In it, you need to push as hard as possible in your studies, keep your Smarts high, and after about half a decade, you will be able to apply for a Physician, Doctor, Surgeon, or Pharmacist job.

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And that’s it! We hope this was a helpful article and we invite you to come back for more BitLife guides under our game tag below.