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How to be Born a Female Commoner in BitLife

by Nikola Pajtic

A life simulator video game unlike any other on the market, your Bitlife characters can become anything you want. From a marine biologist to a famous author, among many other things, the world is your oyster. However, you may need to wait a few years for some careers to spawn.  

This week, BitLife is offering the chance for characters to become Cinderella with the Sinderella challenge. Several tasks need to be completed before turning into her, including attending parties and being born a female commoner, and we will show you how to do just that in our guide.

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How to Create Female Commoner in BitLife

Don’t worry about this being too difficult – it’s literally the easiest thing ever. To start, click on the ‘Start a New Life’ icon. 

Choose female when asked what gender you want your character to be. Enter the name, select the country, and several other nitty-gritty details before launching the campaign.

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Moreover, make sure that your character doesn’t have any connection and ties with any royal people so it will be considered a commoner. 

This is only the first task in the Sinderella challenge. From here, you will have to complete other requirements, including murdering a step-parent and a step-sibling (yes, you read that correctly), and eventually marrying into royalty

Stay tuned for more BitLife challenges, and don’t forget to return to Prima for other guides on this popular life simulator. 

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