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How to Accept Invites in Fall Guys Season 1

Now your Fall Guys can all be Fall Friends

by Lucas White

Fall Guys Season 1 is here! Which is very confusing, because I thought it was already here a while ago. That’s because Fall Guys has gone free-to-play and cross-platform, so we’re basically looking at a relaunch situation. Everything is run through Epic Games, so there’s a whole process to invite friends and accept invites. Here’s how it works.

How to Add Friends and Accept Invites in Fall Guys

So, Fall Guys’ multiplayer infrastructure is run through Epic Games. So everyone you want to play with on different platforms has to have an Epic Games account, yourself included. Fall Guys should prompt you to sign in or register when you boot it up, but if you somehow missed this part go ahead and take care of it.

After that, there’s an Epic Games social panel in the main menu. You can pull it up on consoles with the equivalent of your “select” button, which is either gonna be the touchpad, View or Minus. I miss Select, honestly. If you pull that up you’ll see your Epic friends, and your friends on your native platform. There’s also a search function, so you can find people via their Epic Games handles.

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If you’re on the receiving end of a friend request, you’ll open up the same panel then go over a tab to see your friend requests. Accept or decline (rude), and you’ll be able to invite each other through one of two methods. You can invite right from the social panel, or you can use the Open Party button on the main menu instead. Use R3 for that. And it just sends you back to the social panel. Videogames.

To accept an invite in Fall Guys, you should see a notification, prompting you to… you guessed it, open the social panel. This works the same way across all platforms, so whether you’re on PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Switch, this is what you have to do.

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