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All Fall Guys Team Rounds Minigames Listed for Season 1

Here are all of the team round minigames in Fall Guys season one

by Jesse Vitelli

Fall Guys has a lot of different minigames for players to compete in. Depending on how far you make it in any given match, you might be put into a team game. Here are all Fall Guys’ team round minigames currently in season one.

All Fall Guys Team Rounds Minigames Listed for Season 1

Team rounds can pit groups of players together in either teams of two or three depending on the game. This varies from things like Fall Ball (think Rocket League without the cars) or Team Tail Tag which is just groups of players competing to hold onto their tails as opposed to it being a free for all.

Here’s the full list of every team game found currently in Fall Guys season one.

  • Basketfall
  • Egg Scramble
  • Egg Siege
  • Fall Ball
  • Hoarders
  • Hoopsie Daisy
  • Jinxed
  • Pegwin Pursuit
  • Power Trip
  • Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll
  • Snowy Scrap
  • Team Tag Tail

Team rounds can feel bad sometimes when your team isn’t pulling their weight and you feel like you’re stuck with bad teammates. The flip side is sometimes if you’re underperforming they can carry your weak butt to victory. It’s a double-edged sword for sure.

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Luckily, they don’t happen too often. There isn’t really a way to know a team round is coming, you can kind of guess if the remaining players are divisible by two or three evenly, but that’s about the only guess you’ll have.

As more and more minigames get added that aren’t team rounds, your chances of getting them decrease.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about all of the current team games in Fall Guys season one. If you’re playing alone and worried about team games, maybe you can use crossplay to match with friends. Also, be sure to claim your legacy pack before it expires!

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