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How Good Are the Craftable Weapons from Fontaine of Genshin Impact? – Answered

And which should you be picking first?

Fontaine has introduced a new lineup of weapons that all revolve around the new mechanics Genshin Impact is playing with when it comes to the HP stat for this region. How good will they be? Will they be flexible on existing characters? And which ones should you be going after right out the gate?

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How Good is the Sword, Finale of the Deep, in Genshin Impact?

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Finale of the Deep is a peculiar weapon that increases your Attack whenever you use your Elemental Skill. However, it also triggers the Bond of Life. Bond of Life is a new mechanic in Genshin Impact 4.0 that hinders the healing of that particular character, but once it’s cleared, it’ll return the Health Bar to normal and, for some weapons, give additional buffs. 

This sword is based on Attack and may require either a strong healer in the team that can heal the whole party or be placed onto a character that has good healing. While the sword of each region is generally reserved for the Traveler, this may be the first time the weapon is a bit of a hindrance since the Traveler’s Hydro kit is just a bit awkward. 

We may see new Sword characters who this will better suit in Fontaine soon, but as for the current roster, this sword may have some suitable characters already in your archives. While this sword may be good on Lynette, Energy Recharge is generally preferred for her, however other characters that could benefit include Kirara, Jean, and maybe Ayaka. Though like Lynette, Ayaka could benefit more from other free or craftable items. 

How Good is the Bow, Song of Stillness, in Genshin Impact?

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Song of Stillness is another weapon based on Attack and increases the Damage of the wielder by 16% at its base whenever the character is healed. It lasts eight seconds, but eight seconds can be a long time in Genshin. It doesn’t come with a time limit as to how often this can occur, but it also doesn’t come with a version including stacks, so as long as your character is being healed, it seems they can keep dealing additional damage.

This is actually a pretty good bow you can take advantage of when you have healers like Kuki or Barbara who constantly do healing even when they aren’t on the field. This weapon is quite flexible for just about any character you want to equip this to and works as a free-to-play weapon for Lyney. Other characters this could work well on are Tighnari, Sara, Fischl, Yoimiya, Ganyu, and Childe—all characters whom you generally want Attack or Elemental Damage Bonus. 

How Good is the Claymore, Tidal Shadow, in Genshin Impact?

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Similar to the Bow, Tidal Shadow is a weapon that increases Attack by 24% whenever the wielder is healed. This passive can really be taken advantage of, and since it is also based on Attack, it’s a pretty good free-to-play weapon that you can equip onto characters that are coming out for Fontaine and those that may already be in your roster. 

As a Fontaine weapon, you can expect this claymore to work really well with Freminent, although he is featured with the Bell in his official art. Other characters this would be good on who benefit from Attack are Dehya, Sayu, Diluc, Chongyun, and Beidou. Whether you need this claymore depends on the current ones in your inventory. It is elementary, and some of the characters listed can benefit better from other free-to-play weapons you can craft or other claymores you can get from the weapon banner. 

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How Good is the Catalyst, Flowing Purity, in Genshin Impact?

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Flowing Purity shares characteristics as Finale of the Deep, so you’ll want to plan carefully who you place this catalyst on since it’ll also come with the Bond of Life mechanic. Flowing Purity is based on Attack, and when an Elemental Skill is used, Elemental Damage is increased by 8% for 15 seconds. Bond of Life will also be triggered, so 24% of the character’s Max HP will be locked and require healing to clear. However, the Bond of Life will grant a 2% Elemental Damage Bonus based on each 1,000 HP that was locked in Bond of Life and last for 15 seconds.

Unlike Finale of the Deep, the catalyst might be worth building more into a character’s HP depending on if their kit benefits from Max HP since once Bond of Life is cleared, their Elemental Damage Bonus will be increased whether they have the Bond of Life on them or not. We’ll be seeing new catalysts for Fontaine come out; both Neuvillette and Wriothesley will be catalysts, though depending on how much they require HP, we don’t know yet whether they will benefit from this catalyst. 

Current characters that will be good with this catalyst include Wanderer, Heizou, Kokomi, DPS Barbara, and maybe Baizhu, depending on how you build him. This catalyst is tricky to equip onto characters, but as long as you have a strong healer and don’t use your Elemental Skill too often, you should have no issues benefitting from the Elemental Damage Bonus. 

How Good is the Polearm, Rightful Reward, in Genshin Impact?

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Rightful Reward may be a valuable polearm mostly because it has a rare stat of HP, like swords. Polearms don’t typically come with an increase to the HP stat, and now the Genshin Impact roster has most characters that benefit from Max HP. Like the Bow and Claymore, Rightful Reward will buff the character whenever they are healed and restore 8 energy. This effect can be triggered once every 10 seconds and occurs even when the character isn’t on the field. 

There aren’t many current characters in Fontaine that are said to be polearms as of this moment, but there are plenty of characters that exist in Genshin Impact already that could benefit from both having energy and an HP main stat. Characters that Rightful Reward would be good on include Mika, Candace, Yaoyao, and Zhongli since his damage can be increased by on how much HP he has. 

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Which Weapon Should You Definitely Build?

Out of all the weapons, the best ones that you should build are the Catalyst, the Polearm, and the Claymore. These items have unique passives or main stats that could benefit characters already in Genshin Impact as of the 4.0 update. The Sword and the Bow are good in their own ways, but they have other claymores at the crafting table that are better suited for most characters. Otherwise, they would require more Refinement to be as good as the other options that are in the game. 

As for swords, you’d be better off building the Fleuve Cendre Ferryman since it increases Energy Recharge, Crit, and your Elemental Skill. Be sure to collect your free weapon from the fishing association and refine it to the max! For articles on Genshin Impact, also check out the game tag just below this article for more news and guides.

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