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How to Craft an Improvised Suppressor in DayZ

by Prima Games Staff

Is there anything more annoying in DayZ than when a survivor tries to double carry, forced to shoot zombies rather than take out the creatures with an axe? This of course alerts other d-synching zeds, and before long Lopatino sounds a lot like Elektro.

There’s good news and there’s bad news for anyone who wants to keep things quiet while playing with firearms. The bad news is suppressors are extremely hard to find in Chernarus. The good news is they are much less difficult to make.

Today, our DayZ tip covers the Improvised Suppressor, one of the latest features added with the 0.54 update that hit stable recently.

To craft an Improvised Suppressor in DayZ, players will need to locate two items. The first is a PET Bottle, something that can be found in various locations all over the map. For example, the Northwest Airfield normally has some of these sitting in hangers, or even the military tents between there and the Bashnya jail. They can also be found in food houses, which are the ones with a table, refrigerator and shelves that are absolutely packed with food.

The second item players will need is Duct Tape, which is commonly found in sheds. Look for these anywhere on the map, as they’re normally found beside or behind houses. Our suggestion would be to find a roll as early as possible, then keep it stashed away in a backpack for future use.

Tip: Duct Tape can be used to repair some items, such as boots that are damaged or badly damaged. It can also be combined with a Wooden Stick to craft a Wooden Splint.

Once players have their hands on some Duct Tape and a PET Bottle, the Improvised Suppressor is crafted by dragging one over top of the other while the inventory screen is open. Be careful not to choose the option to repair the bottle, although now that we say that it likely wouldn’t hurt. We’re not sure if this will alter the quality of the suppressor, though.

The Improvised Suppressor will take up two inventory slots, although these can be saved by dragging and dropping it onto a weapon, such as the Repeater. We don’t currently have a full list of compatible guns, and it doesn’t seem to suppress certain weapons, even though it fits onto these items. To keep the negative chatter around the suppressor rolling, players can also expect that it will wear out in only a few shots, so it’s not something that should be used unless absolutely necessary.

Even though the Improvised Suppressor appears to have a lot of drawbacks, it’s one more genius game concept by the team at Bohemia. Rather than players server hopping and cleaning out all the military loot in search of an actual suppressor, they can now craft one themselves. We were rolling with one for a little while, but in the end, we opted to use our PET Bottle for its intended use – to hold water.