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Graveward Borderlands 3 Guide: How to Beat The Boss

by Ginny Woo

There’s plenty of bosses that are ripe for the killing in Borderlands 3, ranging from Wick and Warty to Captain Traunt and other offenders. Some are trickier than others, though, and one of these foes is Graveward. Once you hit Eden-6, you’ll be tasked with eventually taking this bad boy down, but if you’re particularly enterprising then we would recommend farming him for items. Check out our Graveward Borderlands 3 guide for our tips and tricks on making sure that he gets down and stays down.

Graveward Borderlands 3 Guide: How to Beat This Boss

Obviously, there’s going to be a couple of spoilers here for the story, including locations, so if you’re not keen on that then we would recommend turning away right now. Now, for all those of you who are up to Eden-6, as we mentioned, you’re going to have to kill this monstrosity that emerges from the vault. It feels like a bit of a battle of attrition when it comes to this fight, but stay the course and we reckon you’ll be totally fine. 

We’ve got some tips for making sure that Graveward, well, gets back in the grave:

  • Hit the shiny yellow points on his head and chest, along with his internal core
  • When he puts his hands up, shoot those yellow points too
  • Watch that you don’t tip off the platform you’re on when he picks it up
  • Play Whack-a-mole by wedging yourself in a gap on the platform
  • Powerslide through his arena-wide beam and watch your health
  • Avoid the orbs and kill adds for ammo
  • Run far away when he looks like he’s going to puke

If you stick to all of our tips and tricks for taking down the Graveward Borderlands 3 boss, then you’ll have him on farm in no time. Graveward drops a whole bunch of Legendary and Rare weapons when you finally crack him open, and the first time you do so you’ll be able to access the Eden-6 vault and get an item which lets you equip artifacts to up your stats – the Eridian Synchronizer. Need a hand with all the vaults in Borderlands 3? We have a guide for that too.

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