Genshin Impact 3.8 “Capturing Light and Shadow” Quest Guide

Hidden treasures in the hidden cave

Genshin Impact Capturing Light and Shadow Featured

Even if you’re done with the main story portion of the Secret Summer Paradise, there’s still a lot to uncover in this expanded micro space. Temporary areas in Genshin Impact always have a few World Quests for us to uncover, and things are no different this time around. The Capturing Light and Shadow quest is one of the most popular examples of that.

Hidden almost at the border of the map, you need to go the extra mile before finding this quest, but there are lots of valuable rewards to be found once you get through its steps. Here’s our guide on the Capturing Light and Shadow quest in Genshin Impact.

Capturing Light and Shadow Quest Guide in Genshin Impact 3.8

Before starting this mission, make sure you completed the first story step in the event (where you get access to the rollercoaster carts). Tons of new areas are unlocked through them, including a secret underground cavern at the extreme south of the map (you can see a Waypoint there if you haven’t unlocked it yet). 

Head to this location in the image below, which is quite next to another waypoint, and take the Cart to reach that cavern.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’re here, you can get the Joyeux Voucher at your left (there’s another one ahead, no need to finish the quest to grab it) and head deep inside until you automatically begin the World Quest.

Your goal is to find the Hydro Eidolons so they can help you restore the mural, and you’ll find tons of treasure chests along the way. If you haven’t got the Flowing/Felicitous Joyspar item yet, you might wanna come back here later to get the ones you might miss for now.

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The first Eidolon is the simplest of all. It spawns as soon as you enter the cavern, so just follow it through the area while collecting a few chests here and there. It also shows you the diary pages that reveal the tale of another visitor in the Veluryiam Mirage. You don’t need to read them all, but it’s another small piece of lore. Once you get through the Cart section, just follow it to unlock the first projector.

The second Eidolon can be found in the left corner of the room. There’s a small entrance with a cart rail next to a treasure chest. The second set of diary pages is also right here, so grab’em before continuing.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Head down through the entrance and save the Eidolon so it can start up the Cart. There are a few more chests to grab down the ledge if you want to. Once you’re ready, board the Cart and a new projector will be activated. 

See that wall with a hole at the left side of the room? Climb it up and you’ll find a pouch of Joyeux Vouchers alongside a yellow barrier. Head to the entrance directly left of this barrier and you’ll find an Eidolon afraid of the fire. Put it out and start following it. The third Diary is also right here in this room if you’re still following those.

Genshin Impact Capturing Light and Shadow Eidolon 3
Screenshot by Prima Games

While following the Eidolon, there will be a moment when it goes through the iron bars. Since we’re not translucid (yet), we gotta take the long way climbing up the wall and put out the fire for it. After it gets over its fear, just keep following it until it reaches another Cart. And as always, a new projector will be lit up at the end of the tracks.

You’ve probably spotted the fourth Eidolon while on your last Cart trip. It’s right at the entrance of the cave, waiting for you to guide them to the final projector. Go back and start following this little watery fella through the last portions of this small dungeon. The last diary pages are also found along the way.

Genshin Impact Capturing Light and Shadow Eidolon 4
Screenshot by Prima Games

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The Hydro droplet can help you through the puzzles. When you get to the area with three elemental totems, speak to it and let it handle the Hydro totem, and then light up the Pyro and Cryo by yourself. The bars will lift and you can proceed to the final cart and, consequently, the final projector.

Now all that’s left is to enter the Preprint’s world and arrange the Mural Fragments at their correct places. Don’t worry, the game will automatically select the right ones for you, so just get all of them and start placing them around.

Genshin Impact Capturing Light and Shadow Mural
Screenshot by Prima Games

And with that, congratulations, you finally did it! For completing the Capturing Light and Shadow quest, you get x40 Primogems as well as a Precious Chest, not to mention the various chests hidden along the way in this distant cave. There were also plenty of Joyeux Vouchers here if you still need to complete your collection, so leave no stone unturned around here.

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