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Genshin Impact: All Joyeux Vouchers Locations (Map Guide)

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The Veluriyam Mirage brings a brand-new area for Travelers to enjoy their vacation in Genshin Impact, but not without tons of prizes scattered here and there. The Joyeux Vouchers are this area’s exclusive currencies, obtained as the main exploration rewards. But you can also get them directly on the map at various points, and grab those grants four Vouchers at once.

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You need to find them if you want to claim your free Kaeya skin alongside some other rewards, including tons of Primogems. Fortunately, this is easier than expected, and completing your collection won’t be as complicated as you think. Here’s all Joyeux Voucher Locations in Genshin Impact.

Where to Find All Joyeux Vouchers in Genshin Impact 3.8

We’ll be covering all of the 37 collectible Vouchers in this guide, which includes all the ones you can grab from the map. This nets you a total of 148 Vouchers, which is almost the exact amount you need for the Outfit. 

The remaining vouchers can only be found in the chests scattered around the Mirage. And while Sumeru’s compass won’t work here, you get a similar item that does the same job when you reach a certain amount of Vouchers.

Joyeux Vouchers in Silver Bottle Courtyard

  • 1 – Right as you enter the Mirage for the first time, almost impossible to miss.
  • 2 – On the treehouse just ahead of the last one. Travel through the bridge to find it.
  • 3 – Next to where you unlock the first Waverider. Complete the time challenge to use the new wind currents to help you get it.
  • 4 – Drop down from the waypoint at the right to grab it.
  • 5 – At the top of the Ferris Wheel, easily obtainable when completing the final story step.
Genshin Impact 3.8 Joyeux Vouchers Locations
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 6 – Climbing a cliff behind the main stage.
  • 7 – Climb the tower next to the Waypoint to find it at the top.
  • 8 – At the top of a big tree next to the teleport.
  • 9 – Surrounded by three Hydro Eidolons next to three chests.
  • 10 – Next to the cart operator, climb up a few stairs and you’ll reach it easily.
  • 11 – Next to a few couple boxes, easy to spot.
  • 12 – Now head for that aforementioned operator on Voucher 10 and grab the Cart to reach the underground areas, where you’ll find a new Waypoint and some Vouchers.
  • 13 – Head deep into the cave and turn left once you see the big painting on the walls. The Vouchers are hidden in the corner of the room.

Joyeux Vouchers in Overgrown Valley

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 1 – Next to a Choo-Choo Cart, easy to grab on the cliff while progressing through the story.
  • 2 – Drop off the Cart right before it starts the loop track, then glide down to find it.
  • 3 – After fully traveling through the previous Cart, interact with the mushroom inside the room to unlock the Vouchers.
Genshin Impact 3.8 Joyeux Vouchers Locations 2
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 4 – Drop down from the cliff after grabbing the last one to find it inside a small hut.
  • 5 – Right next to the teleport, you can find a flower you can interact with to change tracks. Set it to Cerulean and drop it down once you get to the big purple flower to find the Vouchers.
  • 6 – Switch the flower to Aquamarine and ride the Cart. Climb up to where you see it on the map and ask the Hydro Eidolon for help. It will turn into a bumper so you can grab it.
  • 7 – Follow the Aquamarine track and climb up the flower until you trigger the new bridges being constructed heading to the cave. Once you reach it, leave the cart in the middle point and turn back. Don’t change tracks this time and you’ll reach an NPC next to a Voucher pack. 
  • 8 – Now back to the flower and switch it to Violet to reach the desert. When the cart arrives at the destination, you’ll find the Voucher alongside a new sidequest.

Joyeux Vouchers in Pavillion of Hermits

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 1 – Play the archery game with the Hydro Eidolon and they’ll unlock the cage guarding the Voucher.
  • 2 – Climb the wall behind Lafeinte and you’ll see it above the platform, next to a couple of monsters.
  • 3 – After climbing up here, get down and you’ll see this voucher up in a stall, next to a waiting Hydro Eidolon.
  • 4 – Keep heading forward and you’ll see a cave. The next Voucher is found in its depths.
  • 5 – On the top of a tree. Use the vine whips instead of climbing to make things faster.
Genshin Impact 3.8 Joyeux Vouchers Locations 3
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 6 – At the leftmost area of the Pavillion, next to a Streaming Projector
  • 7 – Hidden in another cave next to the three hide-and-seek-playing Eidolons.

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Joyeux Vouchers in Thinker’s Theater

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 1 – Easy to see as you approach the Theater. Use the vines and you’ll grab it.
  • 2 – On a small slice of land next to the Waverider.
  • 3 – Climb to the location and defeat the monsters to free the Hydro Eidolon. They’ll unlock the flower for you in return, so now use Dendro on it and start using the vine hooks until you reach the Vouchers (on the top of the sky).
  • 4 – Inside Zosimos’ house, easy to see while completing the story.
  • 5 – On the outside area of his house, to the left.
  • 6 – Glide down from the previous Voucher and you’ll see it right above a Cart operator.
Genshin Impact 3.8 Joyeux Vouchers Locations 4
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 7 – While in “The Black Nacre and the All-Devouring Kraken” step of the “Daiya’s Three-Day Reverie” quest, go to the right to spot it above the ruins of a destroyed house.
  • 8 – After proceeding through the previous step, you’ll find it as soon as you finish your final Cart trip at the remains of a broken ship.
  • 9 – Head back to the teleport and glide in the direction of the castle. The Voucher pouch is next to a regular Chest.

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And that’s it! Keep your eyes open to the various treasure chests and puzzles scattered around the area to complete your Vouchers collection.

With 70 Vouchers collected, you can claim the Flowing Joyspar, which acts as a compass revealing the locations of the nearby chests, and it’s upgraded to the Felicitous Joyspar at 270 Vouchers, revealing the whole Mirage’s secrets. The best prize ever if you really want to get the most out of the island like I want to.

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