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How to Get the Sailwind Shadow Kaeya Outfit in Genshin Impact

The Master Thief outfit

Whenever we get to the final patch in a Genshin Impact expansion, we’re sure of two things: one, we’ll get a temporary area to keep us entertained until the next region drops and two, we get some new skins for our characters. And the two lucky individuals this time around were Klee and Kaeya. While Klee has a more direct method of obtaining her new fit, Kaeya always has to be more eccentric. 

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His outfit can be obtained completely for free as long as you play the current event to its (almost) entirety. It definitely takes a while, but these areas are always a treat so you probably won’t even feel it.

How to Unlock the Sailwind Shadow Kaeya Skin

This new charming outfit for Kaeya is unlocked by collecting a total of 150 Joyeux Vouchers in the temporary Veluriyam Mirage area. There are tons of rewards for different milestones of Vouchers, but the ultimate reward is a new look for one of the initial 4-stars.

The feat is achievable as soon as you complete the first Secret Summet Paradise mission to gain full access to the currently available areas in the zone. This will still require you to get a large amount of the scattered Vouchers.

Joyeux Vouchers are obtained either by opening chests or by finding some of them in various areas around the Veluriyam Mirage. Chests always give you 1 Voucher, while finding them always gets you 4 of them. Check how far you’ve gone by going into the Event menu in the “Collection on Cloud Nine” area.

4-pack Vouchers are well scattered around the various different zones in this area, so ignoring chests and only chasing them is not a good call. Just take your time while exploring this area and you’ll eventually reach the required amount.

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The Sumeru Compass won’t work here, but you get a similar-working item as soon as you reach 90 Vouchers, so aim for that first to make your life easier.

Once you reach the necessary amount, you can claim the skin through the Event menu once again and equip it on Kaeya through the mini-hanger icon in his Character screen. If you don’t grab the outfit now from this event, you can still get it later by spending 1680 Genesis Crystals on it after the 3.8 version ends. So I definitely recommend gathering those Vouchers now to avoid paying later. The chests also have Primogems in them, so it’s definitely worth it.

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