Genshin Impact Klee Outfit Unlock

How to Get the Blossoming Starlight Klee Outfit in Genshin Impact

The cutest mage around

The Genshin Impact characters receive new outfits approximately every six months, and the recent release was no exception. One of them was Klee’s Blossoming Starlight skin. If you thought she couldn’t get cuter, just wait until you see her in this little mage costume. And as usual, this is part of the big Secret Summer Paradise event happening in this patch.

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She’ll eventually wear those clothes in the cutscenes, but you’ll need to step up (your wallet) just a little bit if you want your own Klee to wear them forever. Here’s how to get the Blossoming Starlight Klee outfit in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Blossoming Starlight Klee Skin

Just like the previous 5-star characters’ outfits, the Klee Blossoming Starlight skin is only available through Shop > Characters Outfits and won’t be distributed for free in any way. It costs 1350 Genesis Crystals with the special release discount, but will cost 1680 once 3.8 ends. 

As previously stated, Klee does wear it a few times during the main event, but that’s about it. You cannot play with your own Klee using this outfit unless you buy it. Blossoming Starlight is a 4-star Outfit, so it has no new voice lines or effects as was the case with Diluc’s skin. It’s still hella cute tho.

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Genesis Crystals cannot be acquired by playing the game, and you can only get them by purchasing them directly in the shop with real money. If you’ve been getting a few Blessings of the Welkin Moon throughout the last few months, you might just have enough Crystals to buy one directly, assuming you didn’t spend them all in rolls.

You can buy the outfit even if you don’t own Klee, but you still need to pull for her before using it. But once you unlock it, you can equip it on Klee through her Character menu just like you would do with her glider. If you’re thinking about getting her just because you like the outfit, this is the best moment as her banner is currently up!

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