How to Claim the Free Layla in Genshin Impact 3.8

Don't sleep on her

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Each Genshin Impact patch always rewards players with either a free character or an exclusive weapon for partaking in the version’s main event. We get the latter for 3.8, with a free copy of Layla, the Fantastical Evening Star for players to get. More than a mere sleepyhead, she’s also a powerful shielder for those who lack a more powerful option like Zhongli, and it’s definitely worth building if you have the chance.

Well, a free character is a free character, so I guess everyone will grab her if they have the chance. So here’s what you need to do before claiming your extra new character/Constellation/currency by simply playing through the game.

How to Get Layla in Genshin Impact 3.8 Event

Layla can be claimed after completing the second main Secret Summer Paradise mission (where you rescue Eula’s cousin for the circus). From this point, you get access to the Attractions in the Veluryiam Mirage, which are the regular event minigames that reward you the general rewards, including Fascinating Phenocrysts.

By heading to the Event tab and selecting Night Star’s Promise, you can claim your free Layla once you get 1200 Fascinating Phenocrysts. This is achievable once the third batch of Attractions is unlocked (AKA when the main story is over), so no need to rush them all at once. It still takes some time to get your free character.

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The Fascinating Phenocrysts are obtained in each of the 4 Attractions: Spino Blaster, Sojourns of the Barking Fox, Dance of Flashing Thought and Bing-Bang Fitchball.

Spino Blaster

Time to blast those bloons away! First you get a Dart Monkey and then… no, wait, wrong game. Pop the biggest amount of balls with your Hydro cannon as possible. You can also play this in multiplayer to make things even quicker. Avoid the purple balls (which break your combo) and you should be fine).

Sojourns of the Barking Fox

Similar to a past event with Sorush, all you gotta do is travel through the white circles while avoiding possible obstacles. The tracks get progressively harder, but nothing that a veteran Traveler can’t handle.

Dance of Flashing Thought

Every event needs a battle section. You have a set time to defeat a certain amount of enemies, but you eventually get a “spotlight” on your character that can basically instakill them just by touching. Characters with high mobility like Yelan or Wanderer are great here, so bring them whenever possible.

Bing-Bang Fitchball

Test your precision with different types of Fitchballs. Aim them to hit the furthest possible without bouncing back to get as many points as you can. Getting 10 or more gives you full rewards, so don’t lose focus and get those goofy balls in the red area.

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After completing a good portion of these minigames, you can finally claim your free copy of Layla. If you already have her at C6, you get 5 Masterless Starliglitter instead, which equals a full roll. Nothing major, but anything helps when going for the current banners or just saving for the ever-approaching Fontaine newcomers.

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