Our First Look At the Fontaine Cast in Genshin Impact’s Latest YouTube Trailer “The Final Feast”

Excuse me, mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry–

Arlecchino from Genshin Impact
Screenshot from Genshin Impact YouTube Overture Teaser: The Final Feast

Genshin Impact is raising their fisticuffs alright, because not only did they release drip marketing of the characters that will be featured in 4.0, but they also decided to divulge and confirm a majority of the Fontaine cast in their latest video, “The Final Feast.” This short artistic preview is where we get to see many of Fontaine’s characters in their natural habitats along with crumbs of lore being sprinkled throughout. Not only that, but they decided to reveal the final canon appearance of Arlecchino, “The Knave” of the Harbingers.

Breaking Down the Overture Teaser and Characters in Genshin Impact’s, “The Final Feast”

This Overture Teaser drops a lot of characters we’ll be seeing in the Fontaine story, from the Magician’s show to the Court. Right from the get-go, we have Freminet falling through a vast and open space of water before seemingly drowning, transitioning to Lynette and Lyney putting on a mock performance. 

Our next set of characters is Charlotte and Taylor Swift–I mean, Navia, practicing grabbing attractive photos for what we can presume is the magician’s show as Navia attempts to get an image of her flying with the umbrella. Afterward, we switch to Wriothesley being served some tea from a tiny little girl, Sigewinne, who tries to serve him something swimming in strange ingredients. Guess not everyone can be Diona and make killer drinks from junk. 

We then see two intimidating figures, one of which is the judge of Fontaine, Neuvillette, and a guard of sorts, Clorinde. Who shoots the screen and attacks Taylor Swift–sorry, Navia. Right as she explodes into a bunch of confetti, we are then presented with the conclusion of Lyney’s and Lynette’s performance only to be applauded by Arlecchino, who tosses the two, only to reveal they are cardboard. Last, we see Furina and Neuvillette in a large, empty but golden courtroom with a giant scale evenly balanced in the midst of the room. 

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Exploring the Themes of “The Final Feast” Overture Teaser and What to Expect From Fontaine

A big theme we see throughout this teaser is that not everything is as it seems. What we see might not actually be the truth and going into Fontaine, while it may look like a pristine area, we have seen hints that there are some rather run-down areas just beneath the surface. It seems like we may be facing another conflict between utopia and dystopia, where one is exploiting resources to fulfill its own needs.

We are likely to see a lot of what is beautiful and wholesome, clean and magical while trying to uncover the truth behind the corrupt government and courtroom that falls to the whim of a frivolous Judge or Archon. Arlecchino’s role may either to be deceive the court through their magician’s show or hint that the control of Fontaine is already in her control and we, as the Traveler, are falling into her trap.

What may seem beautiful, clean, and magical on the outside may be hiding something deceptively built on the backs of other people, squashing down a part of society to see another thrive. And I’m not optimistic, I do believe we are going to jail. They even had the bars on the window during Neuvillette’s and Clorinde’s appearances, so they will probably be the ones to decide our fate. 

These are all theories, however, because I am way too excited for the release of Fontaine to hide my thought process. I look forward to our new cast of beautiful and inspired characters as well as our newest Harbinger’s debut.

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There’s still lots to keep up with! To know more about Fontaine, check out this article covering Genshin Impact’s livestream and the many facets we will come to see in Fontaine as well as 3.9. You’ll see exactly what I mean by the many faces that Fontaine is presenting versus the ones they are attempting to hide.

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