Genshin Impact’s Drip Marketing Reveals New Characters for Fontaine

How are they siblings if the sister has cat ears…?

Like clockwork (if a clock were repaired after two years of being released and needed the threat of other clocks being brought into the house to do a simple job of telling you the time) Genshin Impact has revealed the first characters of Fontaine who we will see in the next update of 4.0, our next destination in the Traveler’s journey. Let’s take a look at what’s been revealed for Genshin Impact below.

Genshin Impact Releases Official Art for Lyney, Lynette, and Freminent for 4.0 Fontaine Update

Yes, I did have to go and look up Freminent’s name for the third time today to write it down for the first time in this article. It’s honestly quite fascinating that his name is so different from his siblings, but then again, they are twins. Or are they…? Mysterious.

So who are our characters? Well, already confirmed are the twins Lyney and Lynette who are performers in a magician show; with Lyney being the star Magician and Lynette as his assistant for performing some of the tricks. It is quite odd that Lynette is the only one of the siblings to be depicted with ears and a tail that aren’t shown to be props, but actual parts of her anatomy. It can be theorized that there is more to this stoic young lady than what we see initially.

Lyney will be our Five-Star character going into 4.0’s first phase and, as depicted in his image, he will be a Pyro Character who is said to wield a bow. His twin sister, Lynette, will wield a sword and is an Anemo user, breaking the tides of Anemo characters that have lost something in order to get her vision.

Their younger brother Freminet is as stoic as his sister but tends to have a soft spot that Lyney always likes to spoil. From his art, we can actually see that Freminent will be a Cryo Claymore-user.

Oh no, he’s going to be another character based on HP, isn’t he?? You have other stats you can utilize, Mihoyo!!

My defense-based artifacts with Attack and Crit Stats will continue to rot, I guess…

This particular bunch of pictures dropped just as we were beginning to prep our PCs, PlayStations, and overheating phones in preparation for the 3.9 update for Genshin Impact. True to form, Hoyoverse is trying to keep interest generated for future characters. We can expect to see Lyney and Lynette run in the first patch of 4.0 with Freminent following behind in the second patch of 4.0. Given that, yes, yoku won’t need to worry about pulling too many new characters come the new update! And they are mercifully spaced out so we can earn some primogems in the meantime. 

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There’s plenty to look forward to in Hoyoverse’s upcoming games, such as the current Banners we’ll see in Genshin Impact, so don’t forget to follow this article so you are prepared for 3.9. There’s plenty more to follow about the game too so be sure to check out the Genshin Impact tag just beneath this article to keep up with news and guides for the game!

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