Genshin Impact 3.8 “A Starry Night, As Remembered” Quest Guide

Stars are the best prizes

Genshin Impact A Starry Night As Remembered Map Featured

There’s a lot to discover around the Veluriyan Mirage temporary area in Genshin Impact 3.8 version. This elusive area encapsulated into a single bottle will be around for the rest of the version, so while you do have some time to complete it all, slacking off isn’t advised. So make sure you’re completing all of the side content such as the “A Starry Night, As Remembered” World Quest.

This extra quest is available as soon as you progress a little bit through the main event story, and all that it takes to access it is to mess around with the adventurous Choo Choo Carts scattered around the zone. Here’s our guide on the A Starry Night, As Remembered quest in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock and Complete A Starry Night, As Remembered

The special quest can be accessed as soon as you complete the first of the three main story chapters in the event (where you travel through the Carts with Klee, Kaeya, and Kokomi). Head back to the waypoint in the Overgrown Valley area and go directly to the bridge at the right to meet a Cart conductor. Here’s the exact location:

Screenshot by Prima Games

Interact with the flower and switch it to Violet so you can gain access to the Desert area of the Mirage. Board the Cart and don’t forget to switch tracks before it hits its stop point! If you do, you’ll end up in a new desolated area where you can find a pouch of 4 Joyeux Vouchers and Jeroney, who has the quest ready for you to complete.

For the Quest itself, it’s not that much of a deal. Jeroney simply wants a photo of a starry sky, so go to the nearby point of interest and take one for him. That’s it! Your rewards are a big Treasure Chest, alongside some extra Vouchers of course. Reaching the area is literally the hardest part.

Oh, and don’t forget that you can take the Violet cart track once again, but don’t switch sides at the last second. This will lead you to a new point where you can tackle another challenge for another fat chest reward. The more the merrier!

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