Another new week dawns in Fortnite. That’s right, we have reached Week 8 of Season 9 of Fortnite, madness. With it comes new challenges, new Battle Stars to grab, and of course, another new Fortbyte. What kind of things awaits us in this exciting new time, and will there be cake?

The challenges we see before us will no doubt include special skins, funky dances, and no small amount of searching the map for tiny computer chips. After all, we are all trying to hunt these bad boys down to add them to our collection and earn that loot. So, the only thing remains is to find out the Fortnite Fortbyte 100 Location and go and get it.

Fortnite Fortbyte 100 Location

The challenge today has no bells or whistles, just a very easy to follow clue. You just have to make your way to the top of the tallest tower in Neo Tilted. Fortbyte 100 will be waiting for you on the top floor, all you have to do is grab it and add it to your collection. It's a surprisingly simple challenge given the fact that this is the 100th Fortbyte, you'd think they would choose something more impressive. 

The tower in question is on the northern side of neo Tilted and has a red antenna on top of it and is easy to spot thanks to its height. Climbing it should be fairly simple, but given the popularity of the spot you'll have to be careful you don't get taken out. 

That’s it, you’ve tracked down the Fortnite Fortbyte 100 location, now you can move onto other things. While you’re here, head on over to our Fortnite Hub. It has a lot of Fortbyte guides for you to make your way through which is a great way of keeping up to date with all of them and keeping your collection as full as possible. Then, drop into Prima Games on Twitter and hit that follow button.