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Fire Emblem Heroes: Best Heroes – Tier List

by Josh Hawkins

Fire Emblem Heroes is all about collectible and obtaining the best heroes that you can to help you stop evil and save the world. If you want to make the strongest teams possible, then you’re going to need to put together a great group of heroes in your teams. In this article we’ll go over the best heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes to use in the arena and story. Not sure how good heroes like Robin, Elise, or Xander are? Take a look below to see how each hero ranks.

Obviously, as the game evolves and changes, this list may update. Be sure to check back often during your time with Fire Emblem Heroes to make sure you are using the best possible set of heroes available at the time. While this list was created based on the opinions of various community members as well as our personal experience with the game, the meta presented below can change drastically throughout the future updates, and should only be used as a guideline to help you create strong teams of heroes.

Tier S

These heroes are the best of the best and they represent the strongest chance you have at competing at high levels in the Arena. These heroes will be tough to acquire, but if you manage to get them you’ll find yourself struggling far less than you would without them in your team.

Fae (Beast) – A well-rounded hero, Fae has some of the best skills in the game and should be acquired early on to maximize your team’s effectiveness.

Hector (Axe) – One of our favorite Fire Emblem characters, Hector provides an excellent front-line offense and defense against your enemies and has the ability to counterattack from both 1 and 2 tiles away.

Camilla (Axe) – Another popular axe wielder, Camilla has a strong AoE, high speed and can often perform a double attack against her enemies.

Linde (Lightning) – Featuring a massive damage output, as well as light healing abilities, Linde is the perfect combination of healer and offense.

Lucina (Sword) – One of the most coveted heroes in the game, Lucina offers several party buffs, self-healing, and anti-Dragon capabilities which help her become one of the most rounded heroes available.

Leo (Fire) – This mage hero offers excellent mobility as well as several potent options for dealing damage to the enemy. Also has an attack range debuff.

Takumi (Bow) – the only bow wielder in the game that can counterattack from just one tile away, Takumi is a force to be reckoned with in both ranged and close quarter combat.

Tiki Young (Beast) –One of the strongest hybrid units available within the game, Tiki Young has several outstanding AoE options for attacks and party healing attributes.

Tier A

This next set of heroes are still good at what they do, but they aren’t nearly as important to your team as the heroes above. They still offer plenty of well-rounded stats and skills, though and can be just as effective when used correctly.

Abel (Lance) – This hero offers a considerable amount of damage potential, but his chances of dealing massive amounts of damage with each attack aren’t stable enough to include him in the Tier S list.

Azura (Lance) – Another lance user that doesn’t quite meet the Tier S requirements, this unit is very good for offense and even offers some healing abilities, like the ability to revive fallen allies.

Chrom (Sword) – Chrom might be one of the community’s favorite heroes, but that doesn’t make him the best. With less preferable stats when compared to Lucina, Chrom is a great back up for when Lucina just won’t work for you.

Cordelia (Lance) – This lance user has a high potential for damage output, but a lengthy cooldown on skills makes her less than vital to your cause.

Elise (Healer) – One of the best healers in the game, Elise is a very fragile unit that offers a great set of healing abilities and debuff skills.

Hinoka (Lance) – Equipped with a very useful AoE speed buff, Hinoka relies on a powerful self-debuff double attack that only works well in short fights.

Jakob (Shuriken) – A unit that utilizes the various strengths of the Ninja class, but is too situational to rely on heavily.

Lilina (Fire) – This hero’s low defense makes it unviable in tougher fights, but it does offer a large damage potential that could prove useful to some players.

Marth (Sword) –Similar to Lucina and Chrom, but offers less useful skills in the long run.

Nowi (Beast) – Another solid beast unit, this hero can easily fill in for both Fae and Tiki Young.

Ogma (Sword) – A strong frontline unit that will prove useful in early chapters, but underwhelming skills make this hero harder to use in later fights.

Robin (Lightning) – This magic user requires investment to become useful, but once upgraded can be considered one of the strongest characters within the game.

Roy (Axe) – While he doesn’t offer the ranged abilities that Hector does, Roy can provide good frontline offense and defense and features a very strong damage output.

Ryoma (Sword) – Another powerful frontliner, this hero becomes most useful when fighting below 50% health.

Tharja (Fire) – This magic user has a higher amount of damage when under any buff, but a low defense rating makes using this hero less viable.

Xander (Sword) – Another powerful sword unit, this hero offers a strong set of sword-based skills that can prove useful in battle.

Tier B

The final tier of heroes available in Fire Emblem Heroes, this small list is made up of the most circumstantial heroes. While they can prove useful during battle, they can also easily find themselves thrust into the jaws of death if players make one wrong step.

Caeda (Sword) – A hero that focuses on buffs. Can prove useful in many situations.

Effie (Lance) –A hero that is best used in longer battles, Effie offers a lot of really good self-buffs that can only reach their full potential when stuck in longer fights.

Lyn (Sword) – Similar to Ryoma, this hero can be very useful in the right situations. Her biggest weakness is a subpar defense, which almost makes her useless in tougher fights.

Minerva (Axe) – A somewhat gimmicky hero that should be avoided as much as possible. Not really of much use to anyone.

Navarre (Sword) – A powerful unit that features a high vulnerability. Useful sometimes, but usually not worth the risk.

Peri (Lance) – Another hero that should be avoided as much as possible in normal games.

While there are other heroes include in Fire Emblem Heroes, these make up the three best sets of characters available in the game at the current time. As stated above, this list was generated using community opinion as well as some of our own personal experience in the game. Your top heroes may differ depending on your chosen playstyle. You can learn more about Nintendo’s latest mobile game with our Fire Emblem Heroes guide, where you’ll find detailed information on things like: how to get more stamina, how to get Hero feathers and more.