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FFXIV Sabotender de La Luna Mount Featured

Our fair share of new enemies were added during the Endwalker expansion in FFXIV. A personal favorite of mine is the Lunatender, a new and original take on the classic Sabotender (or Cactuar) enemy. They’re just too goofy not to love, which was probably one reason Square Enix decided to give us a mount based on them. Here’s how to get the Sabotender de La Luna mount.

Where to Get the Lunatender Mount in FFXIV

The Sabotender de La Luna can be bought for 600 Faux Leaves from the Faux Commander located in Idyllshire at (X:5.7, Y:6.1). You can get those from completing the Unreal Trials and participating in the Faux Hallows minigame afterward. After completing this minigame a few times, you’ll have enough currency to get your own Lunatender amidst the vast pool of unique rewards available for these fights.

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The mount is also available from Khloe (who’s right next to the Commander) for 1 Khloe’s Gold Certificate of Commendation. Alternatively, you can also buy the mount item from another player at the Market Board. Have some extra cash to spend since Unreal items are usually quite pricey, especially when they’ve been recently added into the game.

Unreal Trials are old Extreme-difficult trials rebalanced to fit the current Level cap, so you can see some old fights like The Weapon’s Refrain from ARR or Thordan’s Reign from HW showing up as the current Unreal fight. The Trial’s mechanics are the same as they were originally, with only numbers being tweaked to accommodate it to the current game patch. Each major patch (x.1, x.2…) brings a new Unreal as the old one is removed permanently.

Completing an Unreal is no easy task, but you can get the Faux Leaves as a reward by completing a minigame in the Faux Commander. You can play that minigame twice per week, so it can take a while until you can gather 600 Leaves. This was not the only thing added to the Faux Commander shop in this patch, so get ready to grind for the new rewards introduced in this patch!

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