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FFXIV: All Mount Rokkon Paths Guide

Life has many doors

Variant Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV have various different paths and can be a whole new experience each time you visit them, hence their name. But the final goal is to eventually complete each of them, which will get you the final reward for them. But you’ll probably still farm them to get all the shop’s items. 

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The newest Variant is Mount Rokkon, a dungeon filled with cursed treasures (and creatures) for you to find, and you better be ready to explore it in its entirety if you really want to grab that final mount reward. Here’s our guide for All Mount Rokkon paths in Final Fantasy XIV.

All Paths in Mount Rokkon Listed

Similar to the previous Variant, there are 12 different routes you can follow in this dungeon, four of them for each of the paths you can choose in the beginning. The slightest detail can change the ending you’re getting, so be extra careful here!

Endings are listed here just like they’re listed in-game, so follow them to a tee to get exactly the ones you’re missing. Ask your teammates to lead the way so you can get that specific ending because they might accidentally mess up the path if they’re not warned.

And if you really need that last ending, you can join the dungeons alone as it scales up to the number of players inside. Just bring a few tanky Actions when running a squishy DPS and you should be good.

Left Portal

Ending 1 – Gift of the Onmyoji

Follow the path until you reach the Suzaku and Seiryu statues. Ignore them and interact only with the Auspice Glass to open the door. After that, you’ll meet a box containing a katana. Close the box and defeat the boss.

Ending 2 – The Crimson Sword

Exactly the same route as Ending 1, but ignore the katana instead and kill the boss to get the second ending.

FFXIV Mount Rokkon Paths Guide Left Side
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Ending 3 – A Tale of Dead Men

When you get to the statues, rotate the Suzaku Statue twice, then Seiryu Statue once, and only then interact with the Glass. A new path will open to your left. 

After defeating the monsters on the roof, ignore the Shishu Apa in the room and kill the other monsters. Let him use Water III to put off the lanterns and proceed to defeat the boss.

Ending 4 – Forging a Legacy

Same thing as before, but now focus on the Shishu Apa first. Interrupt him (with either a Tank or Ranged) if he tries to cast Water III. As long as the lanterns are kept intact, you’ll get the fourth ending.

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Middle Portal

Ending 5 – The Luthier and the Songstress

A while after defeating the first boss, you’ll come across a monkey begging for mercy. Choose the first option (Very well – we have a deal.) and proceed to the end of the dungeon.

Ending 6 – Lost to Avarice

Now kill the monkey by choosing the other option (Give me a moment to think…) and continue until it’s over.

Ending 7 – Beyond the Lantern’s Light

After beating the Shishu Yoko tiger (before the monkey), turn left to the Personal Spoils chest and you’ll find some boxes that you can jump on. This is a secret jump puzzle path, and you’ll find a rope after reaching its end. 

FFXIV Mount Rokkon Paths Guide Jump Puzzle
Screenshot by Prima Games

Pull the rope and wait for Hancock to climb the newly-revealed stairs. Kill the lanterns and proceed to kill the boss.

Ending 12 – The Ogiseru’s Fate

Do the same as Ending 7, but don’t kill the Shishu Chochin lanterns immediately. Go downstairs to the tiger room and you’ll notice some turned-off lanterns next to the room’s exits. You need to kill each of the lanterns directly in front of these lanterns as shown in the image to light’em up. Avoid AoE hits and slowly burn them down. 

FFXIV Mount Rokkon Paths Guide Lanterns
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you do it correctly, Hancock will discover a new, secret path. Follow it to get the secret ending in the dungeon.

Right Portal

Ending 8 – The Common Man’s Courage

After beating the first boss, you’ll come across a Dogu doll. Ignore it and keep heading forward until you notice some Stones of Protection lying around. Polish each of them (four in total) and fight the boss.

Ending 9 – Sound of the Stone

Exactly the same route as before, but avoid polishing the Stones this time.

Ending 10 – The Seal of Silence

Grab the doll and a new path will open. You’ll see a shrine next to a fence. Ignore the fence or you’ll be thrown back at the endings 8/9 route. Face the shrine and use the Eastern Bow emote (/easternbow or /ebow). The shrine will open, and you can place the doll upon it. A tree will show you a new path.

FFXIV Mount Rokkon Paths Guide Shrine
Screenshot by Prima Games

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Ending 11 – Seasons of the Fleeting

Exactly the same thing as before, but knock the tree instead to reach your last ending.

After you climb up here, you’ll be given the choice to knock either a rock or a tree. Choose the rock to get ending 10.

What a ride that was! And guess what, you now have a new ride too! You get the Burabura Chochin mount for all of that hard work, and you deserve it! Another silly mount to the collection is always welcome. If you’re after something more serious, you’re now free to chase the Shishioji mount, the other new mount related to Mount Rokkon.

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