FFXIV: How to Get the Ambitious Ends Hairstyle

Square-Enix makes a longer hair challenge (impossible)

FFXIV Ambitious Ends Hairstyle Featured

Changing your hair in FFXIV is quite an easy task, and it can easily lead some people (hi, I’m people) to keep changing their hair as they would change their clothes. And with dozens of different hairstyles to choose from, you always have a new one to pick for today. The list is still growing in Patch 6.45 with the introduction of the Ambitious Ends style.

While we know for a fact that Square-Enix is allergic to creating longer hair, at least they always make up for it by nailing it with almost every new shortcut they put out, and this one was no exception. I didn’t enjoy it at first, but it quickly grew on me. And I hope it grows on you too once you get it. Here’s how to get the Ambitious Ends hairstyle in FFXIV.

Where to Get the Ambitious Ends Hairstyle in FFXIV

Ambitious Ends is one of the rewards you can get from the Mount Rokkan Variant dungeon. While it’s not directly obtained from the duty, you buy it from Trisassant in Old Sharlayan (X: 12.0, Y:13.3) for 6 Rokkon Potsherds, which are only obtained in Mount Rokkan. Each run gets you three Potsherds, so you can get the hair as soon as you complete your second visit to the dungeon.

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This is the only hair added for the 6.45 patch, but that’s more than enough for a not-major patch. Once you unlock it by using the Modern Aesthetics – Ambitious Ends, you can use it anytime you want by summoning the aesthetician through a Crystal Bell inside an inn in any of the main cities. 

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The hair is compatible with all races, including Viera and Hrothgar, so unlock it without worrying about it being useless if you ever change races. While these two races were severely limited in hair options at their release, they’ve been receiving almost every new hair now, as well as retroactively getting more options with every new patch.

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