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FFXIV: How to Get All New Viera Hairstyles in 6.4

Fashionable bunbuns

by Patrick Souza

We all know that the Viera race has that one big problem when it comes to headgear/hairstyle options in FFXIV thanks to their ears. Fortunately, the devs have listened to the complaints and started to make more haircuts accessible for our fellow bunnies in every single 6.x update. The 6.4 patch, The Dark Throne, makes sure to keep this trend going.

Hats are still miles away, but who needs them anyway? Vieras slay enough as they are, and the world’s not prepared for a day when they’re even more fashionably powerful. Instead, it’s indeed prepared for these new hairstyles.

All New Viera Hairstyles in Final Fantasy XIV 6.4

There’s a total of six new hairstyles available for Viera. Four of them are automatically available during Character Creation or in the Aesthetician, but you gotta go out of your way to unlock the remaining ones. Luckily, this is not much of a hassle.

The two unlockable hairs are the Samsonian Locks and the Wind Caller styles. Both are immediately available for both Male and Female Vieras as long as you’ve already unlocked them.

Screenshot by Prima Games

I never bothered getting the Wind Caller haircut, but here’s what it looks like in-game. Good ‘n old Lyon’s still with us!

Image via Square Enix

How to Unlock All New Viera Hairstyles in FFXIV 6.4

If you wanna get the remaining hairstyles “properly”, be ready for some grinding. If you were lucky enough to already have them beforehand, you can just ask for a new haircut as always.

HairstyleWhere to GetNPC
Modern Aesthetics – Samsonian LocksObtained in the Palace Of The Dead in South Shroud when scanning any rarity Sack.Expedition Bishop (X: 25.1, Y: 20.7)
Modern Aesthetics – Wind CallerBuy for 150 Bozjan Clusters in the Bozjan Southern Front or in Zadnor.Resistance Quartermaster (X: 4.5, Y: 6.0) in Bozjan Southern Front, (X: 34.7,Y: 35.0) in Zadnor

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Both hairstyles can also be bought from the Market Board for varying prices. Make sure to check the prices on all servers before closing a deal, because both hairs will probably go through some price bumps when people realize that Viera players are after them right now.

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