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Final Fantasy XIV Shishioji Mount Featured

It doesn’t matter if you already own over 100 mounts, another one never hurts. As long as you don’t have to pay for it, of course. And one of the new mounts introduced in FFXIV patch 6.45, the Shishioji, is completely free of charge! Unless you count suffering as payment, which is definitely valid. In that case, this mount can be quite expensive.

Where to Get the Shishioji Mount in FFXIV

Introduced as the main award for the duty, the Shishioji can be obtained in the Another Mount Rokkon dungeon. This is the harder version of the regular Variant Mount Rokkon, where you’re required to bring a regular dungeon party (1 Healer, 1 Tank and 2 DPS) to face a linear, more usual lineup of enemies. It must be entered from the V&C Dungeon Finder just like its easier version.

The Shishioji is not obtained from the Savage version, so don’t worry about having to do it. But don’t expect the regular Criterion to be a walk in the park either, as this dungeon is still way above any other regular Duty Finder dungeon. Once you finally defeat Moko, the Restless (the final boss), you might have a chance at getting the Shishioji at the treasure chest.

But if you don’t, it isn’t over just yet. You always get 4 Shishu Coins from the coffer with each clear, and you can exchange them with Trisassant in Old Sharlayan (X:12.0, Y:13.3) for various rewards, including the Shishioji Flute itself. It costs an obscene amount of 100 Coins, which would take you a total of 25 runs to get the mount.

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This is, obviously, the worst-case scenario in which you wouldn’t get a single mount in any of these attempts. I mean, it can happen, but hopefully, it won’t. After you’re done with getting the new sets from the Variant version, you might wanna call your friends to start grinding for the big prize in its +1 iteration.

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