FFXIV: All 6.45 New Blue Mage Spells Listed

Arcane, powerful and silly magicks at your disposal

Final Fantasy XIV 6.45 All New Blue Mage Spells

While Blue Mages are classified as a Limited Job, they are truly only limited by their own audacity! And by their lower Level Cap, of course. But this cap was increased to 80 in the FFXIV 6.45 patch, allowing them to reach even bigger limits! And as usual, with greater levels comes greater spells to learn.

There are dozens of new spells that you can learn right now, and some of them are technically obligatory, as you’ll need them to proceed through Job Quests. Schiltron is a good example of those. To make matters easier, here’s the full list of the new spells introduced to the Blue Mage Spellbook in 6.45

All Level 80 Blue Mage Spells Listed

There’s a total of 20 new spells introduced in the 6.45 patch. Most of them are learned through Lvl 80 Dungeons, Trials, or Raids in typical Blue Mage fashion, but a few are also obtainable in the open world. You might wanna go for those first, as they’re considerably easier to get.

Any duty spell can be learned at a 100% rate with a synced party composed solely of Blue Mages, but you can also unsync them if you want. You’re not guaranteed to learn them through this method, but having a few Lvl 90 friends makes each run much faster.

Spell NameEnemyWhere to Find It
#105 – Goblin PunchHobgoblinKholusia (X:33, Y:33)
#106 – Right RoundGreater ArmadilloMalikah’s Well (Dungeon)
#107 – SchiltronLong-tailed ArmadilloAmh Araeng (X:17, Y:30)
#108 – RehydrationSlippery ArmadilloAmh Araeng (X:32, Y:9)
#109 – Breath of MagicReach Level 80 as Blue MageWhalaqee Totem at Ul’dah – Steps of Thal(X:12.6, Y:12.9)
#110 – Wild RageSpectral BerserkerThe Heroes’ Gauntlet (Dungeon)
#111 – Peat PeltMudmanMatoya’s Relict (Dungeon)
#112 – Deep CleanSeeker of SolitudeThe Grand Cosmos (Dungeon)
#113 – Ruby DynamicsThe Ruby WeaponCinder Drift (Normal or Extreme)
#114 – Divination RuneTitaniaThe Dancing Plague (Normal or Extreme)
#115 – Dimensional ShiftEden PrimeEden’s Gate: Ressurection (Normal or Savage)
#116 – Conviction MarcatoForgiven ObscenityMt. Gulg (Dungeon)
#117 – Force Field Learn 120 different SpellsWhalaqee Totem at Ul’dah – Steps of Thal(X:12.6, Y:12.9)
#118 – Winged ReprobationInnocenceThe Crown of the Immaculate (Normal or Extreme)
#119 – Laser EyeEden’s PromiseEden’s Promise: Eternity (Normal or Savage)
#120 – Candy CaneAenc Thon or Lord of the Lingering GazeDohn Mheg (Dungeon)
#121 – Mortal FlameLugusThe Grand Cosmos (Dungeon)
#122 – Sea ShantyNixieMatoya’s Relict (Dungeon)
#123 – ApokalypsisTherionAmaurot (Dungeon)
#124 – Being MortalTitaniaThe Dancing Plague (Normal or Extreme)

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If your friends haven’t picked up on the Blue yet, you can easily find more crazy peeps to run BLU content with you on Party Finder, either to learn new spells or to simply complete your weekly Log. If you don’t see anyone, your only option might be to try out a different Data Center, as much as you might love your Home World.

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