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FFXIV Shishu Bujin Set Featured

While the new dungeons, mounts and minions are all interesting in each major patch, drip always comes above everything. Luckily, there are always plenty of new outfits and pieces for us in each FFXIV patch, and 6.45 is no different. We had the introduction of the Shishu Bujin and the Shishu Gozen outfit sets, extending even further the list of oriental-themed pieces in the game (and for the better).

And if you’re really digging these new clothing pieces, you might want to start grinding for them as soon as possible. They’re not really that hard to get, but they can take a few hours of your time.

Where to Find the Shishu Bujin and Shishu Gozen Outfits

FFXIV Shishu Bujin Set
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The new Shishu sets are rewards for completing the Mount Rokkon Variant Dungeon. While running any of the various possible paths, you’ll find some Rokkon Potsherds along the way. These can be exchanged in Old Sharlayan (X:12.0, Y:13.3) with Trisassant for various prizes, including these exclusive glamour pieces.

Each successful run in Rokkon gets you 3 Potsherds (as long as you open all of your Personal Spoils), with each piece costing you 9 of them. The exceptions are the chest parts, which are 18 pieces each. Completing either the Bujin or Gozen set will cost you a total of 45 Potsherds, or 15 runs. Completing both sets will have you getting 81 Potsherds (27 runs in total), as the feet piece is shared between them.

FFXIV Shishu Bujin Set Store
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Oh, and there’s still the other extras you can get here, such as emotes and hairstyles. There are no other methods of getting more Potshards, so you’re stuck in farming hell for a good while. At least you’ll look good after all that! Gotta slay the looks before slaying filthy creatures. And these looks do look quite good in blue colors too, which is perfect for the recent Blue Mage updates.

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