Fae Farm: How to Complete Flammo’s Quest ‘A Spicy Encounter’

It's getting hot in here.

Fae Farm Flammo
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What a contrast between the last magical creature that you helped and this one. Say goodbye to the cuddly, lonely bear and say hello to this angry ball of literal fire. You may not feel compelled to help due to personality alone. But it’s probably best to do so before both his personality and the volcano simultaneously explode. So, here is how to complete Flammo’s quest ‘A Spicy Encounter’ in Fae Farm.

All Quest Items That Flammo Requests in Fae Farm

After meeting this ball of rage, it is time to gather ingredients that can be used to cook the meal of Flammo’s dreams. Why is everyone so hungry on this island? Food seems plentiful enough. Either way, it’s time to set off and find all the necessary ingredients to create a spicy meal that Nashville Hot Chicken could never. To do this, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 15 Fireweed
  • 15 Coal
  • 5 Flame Heart
  • 10 Flame Salts
  • 3 Ancient Lumber

The wide variety of items will mean you need to farm, gather, and chop trees to obtain all the ingredients. The method of obtaining each ingredient can be found in the below table.

Ingredients RequestedHow to Obtain
Fireweed (15)From Floor 7 and above of the Scorched Caverns, use your Sickle to harvest Fireweed.
Coal (15)Use a pickax to mine Coal from any of the three in-game dungeons.
Flame Heart (5)Using the Elven farmstead or Fae Soil Beds in the main Homestead, either plant Flame Heart Seeds or use Magic Crop Swap fertilizer on growing cauliflower for a chance at turning them into Flame Hearts.
Flame Salts (10)From Floor 7 and above of the Scorched Caverns, use your Shovel to dig up Flame Salts.
Ancient Lumber (3)Cut down the Ancient Trees around the Frozen Plateau, and then use the Lumber Station to convert Ancient Logs into Ancient Lumber at a rate of 10:1.

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Note: The Lumber Station and Fae Soil Beds can all be added to your homestead by pressing down on the D-pad to enter Build Mode and then down again to select it from the Crafting section of the Build Catalog.

Due to the fact that Flammo is no longer an explosive ball of fire, you are free to continue on your way and see what opens up to you now that the volcano is dormant once more.

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