Does Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Require an Internet Connection to Play? – Answered

As solo as single-player gets.

Does Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Require an Internet Connection to Play

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a single-player JRPG for Nintendo Switch that is massive in every way: big world, long story, and tons of things to do. But does it have online capabilities as well? Do you need an internet connection in order to play Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Keep reading to find out.

Does Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Require an Internet Connection to Play?

No, it doesn’t. Even though some games in the Xenoblade series previously had online co-op modes such as Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has no multiplayer mode at all, nor any secondary passive online mechanics that have been seen in Switch JRPGs of late. The new Xenoblade is a single-player experience.

Will Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Get Multiplayer or Co-op?

Most likely not. The full roadmap for the Expansion Pass was presented before the game’s release, and you can see it here. Although Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will receive regular updates and content expansions until December 2023, for now, there are no plans to add any online, multiplayer, or co-op modes. It is more likely that Monolith Soft will at some point make a remake or remaster of Xenoblade Chronicles X or a sequel, which would be more focused on the multiplayer aspect.

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When You Need an Internet Connection in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

  • You need to be online to download an update or to unlock DLC packs from the already-announced Expansion Pass.
  • If you have Switch Online subscription, being online will automatically backup your saves on the cloud.
  • When you want to share a screenshot to your Facebook or Twitter account, you also need to be online.

Other than that you can play the game from start to finish in offline mode.

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