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Does Sons of The Forest Have Dedicated Servers? – Answered

Dedicate your time towards mutant slaying.

by Shawn Robinson

Sons of the Forest is finally available for everyone after years of development. As the sequel to the original game The Forest, it has some big shoes to fill in terms of depth, story, and building. While it still has a way to go, most would argue it’s done so successfully with its early access launch. One thing on many people’s minds is the idea of dedicated servers, though the answer can be difficult to find. Here’s whether Sons of the Forest has dedicated servers.

Is There Dedicated Servers for Sons of the Forest?

For a bit of background, dedicated servers essentially translate to servers that are run by the developer. These are hosted somewhere and are very stable in most cases. Dedicated servers are by far the most popular server type for players and developers themselves, immediately followed by peer-to-peer connections (one person in a group hosts).

Unfortunately for some of you, Sons of the Forest does run on peer-to-peer connections rather than dedicated servers, making things notably less stable. Because of this, there are a lot of interrupts that can occur during play. For example, if the host of the game alt tabs out of the game, the game will say “Host Not Responding” until they tab back in. The same can be said for the host’s PC freezing up.

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It’s quite a shame there aren’t dedicated servers for Sons of the Forest, though the reasoning behind its absence does make sense. While you can have up to eight people on a server at once, dedicated servers are generally reserved for games with much larger server sizes or competitive games. Having dedicated servers would be a major pain to implement, and likely without much gain. Make sure the person who’s hosting the game for everyone else has stable internet, or you may run into trouble.

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