Does Lethal Company Have VR Support? – Answered

Can you experience this world in Virtual Reality?

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If you’ve played any other four-person cooperative horror game, such as Phasmophobia, you know how much more horrifying it can be in virtual reality. Does Lethal Company let you land on the moon in this alternate viewpoint, however?

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Can You Play Lethal Company In VR?

If you’re hoping to jump into the world of Lethal Company in VR, you may be saddened that you won’t be able to dance with your crewmates in virtual reality just yet. While the experience is already terrifying enough on the flat screen before you, imagine the thought of a horrifying creature dropping directly on your head when you’re seeing it directly from your own two eyes. I don’t know about you, but any experience I’ve had with the Bunker Spiders is already enough for me to start feeling some sort of way.

As of the time of this writing, there are currently no VR mods available for Lethal Company, so those hoping to tweak their game files to enable this type of mode are out of luck for the time being. Since a solo developer is developing Lethal Company, it may take time to implement features like this into the game if they’re even being worked on. However, I know I’ll be there on day one if this feature makes it into the game because I know how horrifying playing through Phasmophobia was in VR.

With a variety of new skins to unlock and plenty of terrifying creatures to encounter on the surface of the Moons you’ll be visiting, it’s easy to see why Lethal Company is blowing up in popularity the way it is currently. Be sure to check out our section below to find out how to claim the Zap Gun, and turn the tides of this scavenging adventure in your favor.

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