How to Dance in Lethal Company

If you're going to die, die dancing

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Just because you’re a corporate drone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to shake it. Here’s how to dance in Lethal Company.

How to Dance in Lethal Company

Lethal Company might be a terrifying survival horror game where nothing is certain but fear, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. And the best way to do that is to shake what your mama gave ya.

To dance in Lethal Company, press 1 on the keyboard. Immediately, you’ll see your adorable, gloved hands start doing the wiggle, and a remixed version of the corpo-babble intro speech will begin playing. If you’re going to dance on the company dime, you might as well groove to the company rhyme.

You can also dance if you have items equipped, so don’t let that stop you. I highly recommend dancing immediately after killing a monster, after your teammates die, or when a delivery is coming in. Your ineffable, or perhaps even sarcastic, cheer will surely throw a glowing light on the situation.

Other controls you might not know about in Lethal Company include:

  • Interact/Grab: E
  • Drop item: G
  • Scroll through held items: Mouse wheel
  • Special item use (like walkie talkie): Q
  • Use item in hand (Flashlight, weapons): Left-click
  • Scan the vicinity: Right-click
  • Inspect note: Z
  • Dance: 1
  • Point: 2
  • Move furniture on ship: B

Pointing is especially helpful if you have a Head Crab on your face and your pals can’t hear you or if you just don’t happen to have a mic. Though, by the time you’re done pointing at a monster, there’s a good chance it’s already making its way over to kill you and everyone near you.

That’s just life as a corporate drone in Lethal Company!

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