How to Get a Pajama Suit in Lethal Company

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How to Buy Pajama Suit Lethal Company
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Lethal Company developers have taken advantage of the opportunity to introduce some cosmetics, and indeed, there are some pretty nice suits you can get in-game to change your character’s appearance. This article will show you how to get a Pajama Suit in Lethal Company. The item is, sadly, limited.

Where to Buy a Pajama Suit in Lethal Company

A pajama suit can be purchased at the Terminal when you are on your ship. Approach the Terminal and enter the shop as you usually would. When you scroll down to the bottom of the shop, you should see a pajama suit. If you do not see it, there is an explanation for this.

The per-quota rotation of items is a mechanic in Lethal Company that provides a touch of a “limited availability” feature for some items. You’ll need to check back again soon after some time has advanced.

How to Wear a Pajama Suit in Lethal Company

After purchasing the Pajama Suit, it will be hung on the clothing rack next to the Terminal (on the left wall of the ship) as you walk toward the ship exit. To wear a Pajama Suit in Lethal Company, get close to it and press “E.”

What Does Pajama Suit Give You in Lethal Company?

It gives you swag. But no, it’s just a visual upgrade and a mere cosmetic. I didn’t notice any specific bonus for wearing it. Don’t ask me if you should buy it or not. It looks and feels nice, so get the Pajama Suit if you have extra bucks to spend because it does not come cheap!

We can only imagine how cool dancing in the Pajama Suit in Lethal Company would be, so if you get it and don’t know how to dance yet, check this guide.

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