How to Open Doors in Lethal Company

It's boring, but someone has to do it

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Lethal Company has you traveling to a variety of very hostile environments in search of enough materials to meet the oppressive quota of the corporation that essentially owns you. To do that most effectively, you’re going to need to get through some doors.

How to Open Doors in Lethal Company

There are two types of doors you’ll encounter which might be locked.

Locked doors, which can be opened with keys. And Secure Doors, which can only be opened by someone at a terminal on the ship.

How to Open Locked Doors in Lethal Company

You’ll need to find keys to open your average locked door in Lethal Company. Keys are randomly generated items you can find while looking for scrap. There’s no guarantee that a key will spawn, meaning some locked doors on a mission may stay locked.

Once you have a key, equip it and approach the door you want to unlock. Then, interact with the door to open it. The key will be used up.

How to Open Secured Doors in Lethal Company

Teamwork makes the dream work, especially in a co-op horror game like Lethal Company. For that reason, keeping someone on the ship is a good idea. The person on ship duty should be closely monitoring the terminal in the front of the ship.

They’ll be able to tell the rest of the crew from the terminal with their walkie-talkie about potential threats and open secure doors. Here’s how to unlock secure doors in Lethal Company from the terminal.

Interact with the terminal and select “View Monitor.” This will bring up a map, which will show you a birds-eye view of one player as they traverse through the complex.

Next, look for the player who’s beside the Secure Door. You can do this by inputting the command “Switch” followed by the player’s name. You’ll then see a letter and number beside that player. It might be A1, Z9, or anything in between.

Once you have the code, enter that letter and number into the terminal. The secure door should then unlock, letting the rest of the team go through.

However, if you want to lock a secure door, you just need to input the code of the door that you want to close and lock. For example, if V3 has a Bracken on the other side, you can lock the secure door by typing in ‘V3’. This will turn the door red on the radar, indicating it’s locked. If you want to open it again, just type ‘V3’ one more time.

Use this to either save or kill your teammates.

It might not be exciting work, but someone has to unlock the secure doors in Lethal Company.

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