Does Lethal Company Have Controller Support? – Answered

Can you play from the comfort of your couch?

Lethal Company has taken the internet by storm, and for good reason. As you creep through these abandoned corridors, comfort before the storm is rather significant, so let’s jump onto these moons and find out what control options are available.

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Can You Play Lethal Company With A Controller?

If you’re hoping to navigate these halls comfortably, you’ll be glad to know that you can experience the true horror of everything that lies before you with a controller. While it may be slightly faster to whip around while playing with a keyboard and mouse, Lethal Company is completely playable with a controller, with the standard prompts switching to that of an Xbox controller. Make sure that you adjust your settings as you see fit, so you can make a quick escape if needed.

Sometimes, you feel like getting swept away by the Flower Man on the comfort of your couch, and you can easily do that with a controller in hand. This also opens the possibility of playing on portable handhelds like the Steam Deck or the Ayaneo Air 1S if you’re ready to replace it after tossing it when you get spooked by a creature that goes bump in the night. Just be careful because your controller may meet the same fate if you encounter a terrifying entity within the facilities before you.

If you’re hoping to find all keyboard and controller keybinds, we’ve got your back to ensure that you’ve always got the knowledge to survive these terrifying Moons with ease. Nothing makes a run worse than forgetting what a button does while you’re trying to survive a harrowing chase.

Whether you’re a first-timer making your way onto the surfaces of these unknown planets or a veteran who is always ready to extract and escape, be sure to check out our Lethal Company section below to learn more about this exciting cooperative game. Learn how to get your hands on the powerful Zap Gun, and figure out what you need to do to dance the night away when you’re finally escaping after an exciting and profitable run.

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