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Do Brooms Have Differences in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

Cause a sonic broom!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Hogwarts Legacy Brooms

After taking on a handful of main quests in Hogwarts Legacy, players are eventually sent to a flight class where they learn how to use a broom. Upon completion, Wizards and Witches alike can head to Hogsmeade to purchase a broom of their own, but it is hard to tell if there are any differences.

Each of the brooms that Albie Weeks has for sale sport different themes and appear to offer up differing benefits. While you are there, he even sends you on a quest to earn some upgrades. In our Hogwarts Legacy guide, we will discuss whether there are any broom differences to worry about.

Hogwarts Legacy – Do Brooms Have any Differences?

Each broom that you see in the Sprintwitches Sporting Needs shop is exactly the same in terms of stats. Every broom within Hogwarts Legacy is purely cosmetic, so it all depends on how you want to look as you soar through the sky. Aside from aesthetics, there are no differences between any of the brooms.

Players can even find new ones as they complete challenges or explore the world around them, just like some of the other gear upgrades in the game. These brooms are also the exact same, and like the shop with Albie Weekes, there is no reason to swap yours out unless you like the look.

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Any upgrades that you get for your broom by doing the side quests involving the time trials will remain on any of your flying sticks. The “Flight Test” quests are the ones you want for added broom stats and there are three upgrades that can be earned in Hogwarts Legacy. So, get to testing and soon enough you will be flying even faster.

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