Digimon Survive All Agumon Evolutions and How to Get Them

Agumon always gets all the cool stuff

As I noted in our guide piece about befriending WarGreymon, Agumon is basically the overall Digimon main character. He’s the Pikachu, sort of. And as we all know, main characters have to be special. So Agumon is the only plot-adjacent Digimon who actually has multiple evolution (or digivolution, eugh) paths. Those paths depend on your choices, which we’ll explain below.

Every Possible Agumon Digivolution Option in Digimon Survive

The protagonist Agumon you get in Digimon Survive has three different evolution paths, for a total of nine different evolution options. You can’t just pick, though. To digivolve through a specific branch, you have to make sure you’re adhering to specific dialogue choices throughout the story. More on that elsewhere on Prima Games dot com! Here’s the long and short of it all:

Moral Path

  • Greymon
  • MetalGreymon
  • WarGreymon

Wrathful Path

  • Tuskmon
  • Megadramon
  • Machinedramon

Harmony Path

  • Tyrannomon
  • Triceramon
  • Dinorexmon

There’s no digivolve path for Agumon in the True Ending route, since these paths are tied to dialogue choices and not necessarily the route you’re on. It’s actually possible to start in one path and end up in another, based on how you’re playing. For example, during my first run my first digivolution was Tyrannomon, but by the time I hit Ultimate form I ended up on the Greymon path.

That said, there is a special surprise related to Agumon and the True Ending, but we’ll leave it at that for now. There’s also something that happens in the story towards the end impacting Agumon, but again, I’ll leave that to players to see on their own.

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There’s an interesting branch (haw) to this stuff. If you get a “Free” Agumon (details on that here), you get access to a few more possible digivolution options. Of course, the Free Digimon you can recruit are locked into what you pick, so keep that in mind. In addition to the above, a Free Agumon has an additional set of options, including a totally different Mega form!

With Slab items, Free Agumon can become Cyclonemon. And if you pick that, Greymon or Tyrannomon for your Champion form, you can choose SkullGreymon as an Ultimate. Finally, if you have SkullGreymon or MetalGreymon, you can choose Spinomon instead of WarGreymon! It’s a solid justification for seeking out a second Agumon, considering how much of a pain that can be.

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