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Dead by Daylight: All of Gabriel Soma’s Perks

The perfect perks for a SWF that just wants to get out the gates

by Daphne Fama

If there’s one thing that humanity simply can’t resist, it’s the call of the stars. From the moment we could dream, we dreamed of exploring those distant planets scattered throughout the void of space. And Gabriel Soma represents that desire to a T. But can he survive the Entity’s cruel influence? Here are all of Gabriel Soma’s perks in Dead by Daylight.

All of Gabriel Soma’s Perks in Dead by Daylight

So, Gabriela Soma is literally the perfect worker. That’s why they sent him into space to colonize foreign planets. But the Fog has no boundaries in time or space and he, like so many others, has been dragged into the eternal hellscape that is the Entity’s trials. And that means Gabriel needs to put those worker bee skills to use on generators and jukes.

Here are all three of his perks that will help him do just that.

  • Troubleshooter: When you are chased by the Killer, this perk activates. You see the aura of the Generator with the most progress. You see the aura of the Killer for 4/5/6 seconds after dropping a Pallet. The effect lasts for 6/8/10 seconds after being in chase, then deactivates.
  • Made for This: This perk activates while you are in the injured state. You run 1/2/3% faster. After you finish healing another Survivor, gain the endurance status effect for 6/8/10 seconds. Made for This cannot be used when suffering from Exhaustion but does not cause the Exhausted Status Effect.
  • Scavenger: While you are holding an empty toolbox, this perk activates. Succeeding a great skill check while repairing gives the perk 1 token, up to 6/5/4. When you reach maximum tokens, lose all tokens automatically recharge the toolbox to full. Scavenger is disabled for the remainder of the Trial after recharging a toolbox. This perk grants the ability to rummage through an opened chest once per Trial and will guarantee a basic Toolbox.

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As you might imagine, his perks are really all about being as optimal as possible. But is it enough to save him from his Killer pairing, The Singularity? Check out The Singularity’s brutal perks and power here:  Dead by Daylight: The Singularity’s Perks and Powers, Listed.

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