Can You Play Tower of Fantasy For Free? – Answered

How much can I get away without using my wallet?

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Tower of Fantasy is an open-world exploration MMORPG that allows players to create their own character to throw in the world of fantasy and the incredible story that Hotta Studios has created. But like many beautiful games, there is always one question on the minds of everyone looking at a beautiful item: what does the price tag say?

Is Tower of Fantasy Free to Play?

Tower of Fantasy is free to download on your mobile devices either from the iOS Store or the Google Play Store; if you’d prefer it on your PC, you can either get it downloaded straight from the Tower of Fantasy Official Website or visit Steam the updates run automatically through that service instead. As of August 8th, Tower of Fantasy has also come to the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, with no official news on if the game will release to the Xbox anytime soon. 

Like any good gacha game, however, Tower of Fantasy does come with its Paid Options, often to supplement the need for Materials and In-Game currency for the player so you can max out the stats of your Simulacra. Simulacra are different types of Characters you can obtain, though you aren’t required to use them. They each come with their own type of weapon that you can equip onto your character, with some varying in rarity over others.

Tower of Fantasy comes with its own shop that can be found along the Hot Bar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

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So while Tower of Fantasy is entirely free-to-play, there are paid-for options that can get you more materials, level-up items, special skins, and more. But the game gives plenty of rewards by completing missions, exploring the world, and following along the story. 

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