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Can You Play Nine Sols on Steam Deck? – Answered

Deflection on the go!

Nine Sols, the hand-drawn 2D action platformer from RedCandleGames is now available on PC through Steam and their shop. The PC release is very light on requirements, and most users will have no trouble running the title on a variety of hardware. That said, can you play Nine Sols on the Steam Deck? Here is everything you need to know.

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Can You Play Nine Sols on Steam Deck?

Yes, Nine Sols can be played on the Steam Deck and it runs quite well throughout.

Based on what we have played so far, everything seems to work correctly. The cutscenes don’t have any audio issues, the framerate is stable, and I haven’t run into any stuttering issues like I did with The Rogue Prince of Persia.

My only concern is that some of the button prompts and text are a bit small and can be hard to read. There is also minor aliasing here, and there but nothing that really gets in the way.

Is Nine Sols Steam Deck Verified?

As of writing, Nine Sols isn’t Steam Deck verified, though given how well it runs, it shouldn’t be long before it is.

I played it at the High preset at 720p, and it’s been a very consistent experience so far.

Does Nine Sols Have Steam Cloud Support?

Yes, Nine Sols has Steam Cloud support, which means you can pick up the game from where you left off on a different device. This is especially useful for Steam Deck users if they’re constantly switching between devices.

Nine Sols is currently only available on PC, but the developers have confirmed on their crowdfunding page they aim to bring the title to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles in the future. They recently confirmed in a tweet that the console ports are coming soon.

We’re excited to see what updates the developers have planned for the release, but for now, you can enjoy it on the go with the Steam Deck.

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